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Alan Chen (Teacher Alan)
Mobile: 9755 8432 (WhatsApp only)

I will be honest and transparent from the start.

I was diagnosed with:

- Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Aug 2009
- Depression and Panic disorder in Jan 2024

I believe telling the truth is the only right thing to do. I cannot change the public sentiment towards mental health patients, it is for them to decide. The only thing I can do is, to not see myself as anyone less worthy and let my work do the talking. Unless we change, nothing around us will change.

I have been living with it since whilst being able to conduct lessons normally. My condition is well under control with medications. I have learnt to accept, embrace my humanity and move on with life despite the challenges. I am seeing a clinical psychologist and counsellors regularly to improve my mental health.

Disclaimer: We will only accept students when the 2 conditions below are met. If you would like to know the reason, you can read it here: Be Myself 2024

Condition 1:

All incoming students have to go through a mandatory Free Trial Lesson (1 hr). It is an opportunity for us to meet in person. We will spend 15-20 mins to get to know each other. With the remaining time, I will present my lesson syllabus, explain and demonstrate what you will be learning. This is to help you make an informed decision before deciding to commit. After which, I will take questions. In addition, you can gauge if you feel comfortable having me as your teacher. There is absolutely no obligation to take up actual lessons after the trial lesson. It is free with no strings attached. If this is not what you are looking for, please feel free to say no. If you want to commit, let me know so that I can follow up with you.

Condition 2:

Due to the nature and uniqueness of my illness, I may NOT be able to accept every student AFTER conducting the trial lesson. In other words, I need to be selective of my students. It takes 2 hands to clap. I stand by my principle of wanting to teach you because I choose to, not because I have to. If I force myself, it will trigger a panic attack. I humbly ask that you understand my difficulties from my perspective. During the trial lesson, I will assess if I feel comfortable with you through the conversations we have. The key indicators which determines if we are compatible are firstly, if we can click well with each other. Secondly, if we can form a connection. Thereafter, I will inform you of my decision within a day. I have learnt to trust my intuition based on experience with students over the years. If I do not accept you, please understand that there is nothing wrong with you, and I respect you as a person. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Kindly provide the following information for me to know you better:

1) Your name

2) Age (for me to gauge the era of songs you're listening to)

3) Male or Female

4) A little background about yourself:

- Studying / Working / Retired?
- Any music/instrument background?

5) Are you able to read and understand Chinese?

6) The program number you are inquiring

7) Weekday or weekend lessons

8) Intended commencement date


Kindly make sure you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions here: Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please clarify with me.

Working Hours (including public holidays):

Monday: 10am - 9pm (last lesson 8pm)
Tuesday: 10am - 9pm (last lesson 8pm)
Wednesday: 10am - 9pm (last lesson 8pm)
Thursday: 10am - 9pm (last lesson 8pm)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 10am - 5pm (last lesson 4pm)
Sunday: 10am - 5pm (last lesson 4pm)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,

My Name is Brian. Do you teach ukelele too?
We re looking for an individual to give Guitar(1hr) and Ukele(1hr) training to residents in iNz Residence, once a month on 1st week of Monday. If interested, please state your rates.
Alternatively you may contact me at 94244699.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Brian Chong

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