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Teaching is still my primary profession. I decided to start this as a hobby as well a pilot program. Being a guitar player myself since 2002, I have always wanted my guitars to not just sound good, but plays good as well. With this interest, I started watching Stew Mac videos on how to work with acoustic guitars. Then I practiced what I've on learnt on my own guitars. My skills are based entirely on hands on experience working on mainly my own guitars, with a few of them belonging to my students. While my skills are nowhere near a professional luthier, I do believe I can fix things. "Quick fix" would the best words to describe what I'm offering. With this, I decided to extend my services beyond my students.

My services are only applicable to acoustic guitars. If you feel your guitar has a problem or playability is bad, bring it down and let me have a look. Diagnosis is free and by appointment only. I will give an honest assessment of what needs to be done. You can decide on the next course of action after that. My aim is to keep the cost low but at no expense of cutting any corners. This is something I enjoy doing and drew satisfaction from every guitar I manage to fix.


1) If your guitar fix is too risky or beyond my scope, I will not attempt to fix it. I can always refer to you to my friends who are well experienced luthiers.

2) If the fix which could potentially cause some damage to your guitar, I would let you know before hand. I would not be responsible for any damage claims after the fix.

3) Please note that this is not a full guitar setup.

4) Prices are not finalized and are subjected to change. We can agree on the price before starting work.

List of services I provide:

1) Guitar Restring - $15

guitar repairs singapore

guitar repairs singapore

guitar repairs singapore
D'Addario XSAPB1253 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 12-53

Please provide strings. Ideally for most guitars I recommend 0.012 - 0.053 light gauge. If you don't know what to get, I recommend the above.

2) Truss rod adjustment - $15

guitar repairs singapore

truss rod adjustment

2 scenarios. 

a) If your guitar strings are "hard to press", one of the reasons could that be action is too high due to the relief on the guitar neck. By adjusting the truss rod to straighten the guitar neck will result in bringing down the action.

b) If your guitar is buzzing, one of the reasons could that be action is too low due no relief on the guitar neck. You need to increase the action to give it more relief.

3) Nut slotting (Deepen) - $10 per slot

guitar repairs singapore

I will file current string slots on your nut deeper to make your open chords easier to press at the first few frets.

4) Saddle replacement (upon request) - $15

I will be using standard factory cut unbleached bone saddle (compensated) to replace the cheaper plastics saddles. You should hear a noticeable difference in volume, sustain and clarity. Bone is harder and more dense than plastic. Please note I will not profile the saddle to match your fret radius.

5) Clear pickguard installation - $15

guitar repairs singapore

Attention: This picture is not the final product of what you will get. Since it is a transparent pickguard, I will extend the surface area along the sides of your guitar to give it more protection. Noted that some players strum aggressively on their guitar.

6) Bridge pin hole reaming - $5 per hole

guitar repairs singapore

If your current bridge pins do not fit your bridge pin slot, I can ream the hole large enough to fit your bridge pins. Please note that this may (or may not) result in tonal properties being altered. I would strongly suggest you do some research before deciding on this fix because it cannot be undone unless you replace the whole guitar bridge. I will be using a 5 degree taper reamer.

Contact: Teacher Alan
Mobile: 9755 8432 (WhatsApp only)

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