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Welcome to Guitarworks. I am Teacher Alan.

Established in 2010, we started offering guitar lessons in Singapore from a humble beginning. As of Jan 2021, we have taught over 350 students by a single guitar instructor, Teacher Alan. Over the years, we have constantly tailored our lesson syllabus to accommodate more people with different learning needs. Our guitar lessons are fun, engaging and stress free. It brings us tremendous joy and satisfaction when students come for guitar lessons and leave with a smile on their faces. Music is not only for the talented or musically inclined, but for all people, young and old. Journey with us to achieve your goals.

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Our Students...

372. Chun Hong
Guitar Lessons Singapore Chun Hong

371. Ning Xuan
Private Guitar Lessons Singapore Ning Xuan

370. Tabitha
Private Guitar Lessons Singapore Tabitha

370. Lily
Private Guitar Lessons Singapore Lily

369. Andrew
Guitar Lessons Singapore Andrew

368. Sock Keng
Guitar Lessons Singapore Sock Keng

367. James
Guitar Lessons Singapore James

366. Elijah
Private Guitar Lessons Singapore Elijah

365. Chin Xian
Guitar Lessons Singapore Chin Xian

364. Isabelle
private guitar lessons singapore

363. Kian
guitar lessons singapore

362. Si Pin
private guitar lessons singapore

361. Andrew
guitar lessons singapore

360. Hebe
private guitar lessons singapore

359. Joel
guitar lessons singapore

358. Faith
private guitar lessons singapore

357. Joe
guitar lessons singapore

356. Sophia Kuan
private guitar lessons singapore

355. Brian
guitar lessons singapore

354. Yue Yue
private guitar lessons singapore

353. Jerald Wu
guitar lessons singapore

352. Alicia
private guitar lessons singapore

351. Mr Tong
guitar lessons singapore