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Unknown said...

Firstly I’m thankful for my friend, Joshua who introduce Alan to me for me to have my guitar lessons.
I wanted to learn guitar, I think it is because I wanted to know how to play it and makes me feel good to be able to play one. I may not know what I will do with it now other than practicing during my free times I have but it will be surely one skill that I’ll try not to forget when I need it in time to come.

Alan is really a great teacher. His kind, caring, loving and patient. For example when I first started learning how to play the first song, it was hard for me as it was my first time strumming and if I had any trouble and need time to process what I’m playing, he will be able to slow down and guide me in every mistake that I made. This few sessions with Alan was very gratifying and it’s really a great joy to learn under his tutelage.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Alan for the wonderful lessons and may the Lord continue to bless your effort.

Unknown said...

"Slow Student But Patience Teacher"
I was a slow and totally no music background at all when I started my lesson with Allan. My career is hectic with irregular hours but Allan always doing his best to arrange my classes to accommodate my schedules. Despite being a slow learner, Allan always patiently guide and correct my mistakes and never he gets annoyed with my repeated mistakes.

He made my lessons enjoyable and yet fruitful every end of the lesson without any stress. Though I only completed beginner class, I can already play a few of my favourite songs. This is a great achievement for a music dummy like me. All thanks to Allan and his effective lessons. Now playing guitar has become my favourite destress hobby.

Allan, keep your spirit high and touch more people with music

eb said...

Alan makes learning the guitar easy.

He keeps your interest high by teaching you the guitar through songs you always wanted to play. Alan has an extensive song list you can learn from. He simplifies chords of difficult songs to make it playable for your current skills. This way, learning the advanced chords for this song becomes easy later on when you have acquired the necessary skills.

You will greatly accelerate your guitar skills with Alan, over self-learning from the net or enrolling into traditional schools.

Xavier Tan said...

I always had a dream of playing guitar. I have no music background at all when I registered for Alan’s guitar class, but thanks to Alan’s patience, I managed to go through different levels of difficulties of learning the basic of strumming acoustic guitar. His patience and advise also makes learning guitar easier. I like the tactic of recording what he teaches and played, so I can do my revision at home. I had advance from simple Christmas songs to popular pop music. I enjoyed his lessons and is always looking forward for the next lesson with Alan.

Thanks for every small steps you went through with me and joy of your teaching and music you have instill.

Xavier Tan

Unknown said...

I am very glad to have taken guitar lessons with Guitar Works. I was initially taking lessons with Cristofori or Yamaha and was searching online for the course fees etc. During the search I realized there were many other music schools to consider. I just keyed in “Guitar schools in Bedok” and came across the Guitar Works webpage and they had a option for learning guitar using worship songs which I was interested in. Due to my working hours and after-work assignments I could not make it on the first Wednesday of the month. The teacher was very accommodating and agreed that I need not go for lessons during the first week of the month.

During the guitar lessons, the teacher was very patient and had a comprehensive structure of the course programme. He gave me an orientation of the instrument and even helped me to tune my guitar. As I was rather tense and stiff (especially my fingers) he gave me some simple motor exercises to do which improved the strength of my fingers and allowed me to press the chords more firmly. He asked me to take photos of the proper ways of holding the guitar and pressing different chords as initially it was difficult to remember the chords and my whole body was so stiff when I held the guitar. He also pointed out to me specific things I needed to improve on and wrote them down for me. Initially, I had a problem in which guitar kept on moving and jerking when I was playing and he told me to sit in front of the mirror and play and be conscious of my movements, thereafter I stopped having this problem. He also pointed out some bad habits I had developed and stopped them before they became permanent and gave me solutions to change them. Throughout this he was also very encouraging and positive.

Initially I had problems in strumming, change of chords and singing due to psychomotor coordination problems. He taught by methods of distraction therapy and told me to strum and talk to my family members and strike up a conversation with them or recite a bible verses. Initially it was so difficult, however after much practice I finally succeeded and was very much encouraged as I realized not everyone really overcomeS the challenge of playing the guitar and singing at the same time. So it’s really an achievement for me who is not so musically talented. Throughout this period, everytime I learnt a new strumming pattern or song, the guitar teacher would allow me to tape down his playing and singing so I could use it as a point of reference and when I played it at home lest I forget the rhythm.

Some days after work I lacked concentration and was tensed during lessons, however the guitar teacher did not rush me but was patiently guiding me along and shared his experiences of guitar playing. He was very objective and always thinking of ways to make my weak points stronger and giving suggestions to improve myself. I also felt the method of teaching was very personalized and most suited for myself. Because he was so open and transparent with feedback, it also motivated me to improve my weak points.

I am very blessed to have a good guitar teacher and am very pleased with the guidance that has been given. I can proudly say I can now strum and sing some songs and its all due to the guidance of a good professional teacher. This guitar school is definitely better than the commercialized music schools and has a humane touch to it. Try it! You won’t regret it!:)

God bless you
Jolyn Choo 28/1/15

Garry Kan said...


I have previously been to guitar lessons from an established school but learning from Alan is way easier. It's important to find a teacher that is patient and cater to your learning speed. Alan made course materials simple and relevant for beginners like me. I also enjoyed the songs choices too.

If you are thinking of learning guitar (or have already been thinking for years, like me), look no further. Now that I have finished my beginner's module, I am about to sign up for the next level with Alan. This shows the level of confidence I have in him.

Unknown said...

After completing the 10 lesson of Beginner guitar course with Alan, I am able to play some praise and worship songs. This may seem like nothing much to many people but for someone who isn't musically inclined, to do able to do so is a feat. Especially so when I had learnt guitar from some other music school that have taught me wrong chords (that were shortcuts and not recognized) and wrong concepts of strumming too. There was a lot to unlearn. Thank you Alan for helping me start on the right footing.

Unknown said...

During the 10 lesson that I had with alan , I learnt many new songs quickly from playing english to chinese songs . Previously I had attended other guitar lessons but I wasn't able to catch on easily and I took a long time learning how to play the songs but learning how to play the guitar with alan have enable me to learn a new song quickly! I also learnt about the many different strumming patterns and I also get to know more about the guitar which really helped me understand more about the instrument . I really enjoyed learning guitar with alan as he is very patient when teaching and guides me when I am having difficulty playing some chords . He is by far the best guitar instructor I have! Thanks alan for guiding me through these past few lessons

Unknown said...

I was a little pessimistic at first when I learnt that I had to travel from Yishun to Bedok. Travelling itself takes 1hr 30mins to, and another 1hr 30mins back.

Then came the day I had my first lesson at GuitarWorks with Alan, where I started on my first song under his guidance. By the second lesson, I was able to perfect ‘对面的女孩’. Being able to learn guitar through my favorite songs drives my passion for guitar.

I admire how Alan is capable of teaching me my requested songs on the spot. His welcoming and patient method of teaching makes me want to learn the guitar even more. I’ll always bring the excitement with me every lesson and come out filled with joy.

When you have the devotion for guitar, travelling is of no issue. So for those of you placing your concerns before your passion, I highly recommend you to take the first step in joining the family with GuitarWorks.

Cheers to Teacher Alan!

ziyingyong said...

It is really fun to learn guitar with Alan!

Even though his lessons have a certain structure, he’s always very open to song requests from us. I’m currently learning with a friend and the two of us often find ourselves requesting to learn our favorite songs. He wouldn’t reject us or ignore our requests, but instead he would promise to teach us the next lesson. When it’s a song that he’s never heard of, he would always put in effort to find out how to play it so that he can teach us.

I really admire his passion for guitar. When we asked about how far he’s learnt guitar to, his answer was “I’m still learning, there’s always more things to learn”. Also he was so excited when he showed us his fingerstyle arrangement of I’m yours by Jason Mraz.

I believe that one will definitely benefit from learning from someone as patient and passionate as Alan.

I’ve always enjoyed his lessons and I’m looking forward to more lessons with him! :D

Unknown said...

Alan is a very patient and cheerful instructor.

He makes the lessons fun and genuinely cares not just about your guitar playing abilities but also how you are doing recently.

For my case, he made the extra effort to accommodate me despite my tight schedule. Because of him, I am now even more excited and interested in playing guitar.

I wish him all the best and may he continue to do what he likes best. Take care Alan!

Unknown said...

Alan is an excellent guitar teacher who makes learning the guitar interesting and easy. He is very personable and continuously motivates his students to want to practise the guitar. He is very skilled in the guitar technically and his is also outstanding in his ability to transfer his knowledge to his students. On top of that, he has many interesting and creative ways to teach his students how to remember the different types of musical theory and has very practical ways to help you improve technically. Although the lessons are not stressful, he always emphasises on the need to constantly practise your guitar to get better at it. I highly recommend Alan as a guitar tutor but I hope that you can be the judge of his prowess and expertise yourself :)

Unknown said...

Awesome teacher!
After completing the beginner course, I am able to play some of the pops songs easily! Alan makes learning the guitar easy and he was patient. He would guide me along and correct mistakes during lessons. Throughout the 10 weeks, the teaching was progressive and method taught was straightforward and easy to follow. Recordings were provided for self-practice and it is very useful for beginners. I did not have any music background at first but now I am able to play simple pop songs.

Winnie Wong said...

Beginner Class Guitar

Alan is a very nice and amicable teacher to learn guitar from. The rates charged were also very reasonable for beginner classes. He is very patient with student with no background in music. Classes are also customised and student can choose what songs they wish to learn in advance.

Learning guitar was a joy and I am glad I was able to learn songs that I wanted to learn. Even though the song I wanted to learn was not within the syllabus, Alan was very helpful to generate the chords suitable for beginners to play.

Thanks so much!


Unknown said...

My friend and I casually talked about picking up an instrument and we decided to learn guitar. She googled and found Alan on the internet. Thankfully, everything went extremely well! As a beginner, I had many obstacles to overcome but Alan was always ready to help, even right down to the small details:

1. He recommended which guitar (model/brand) to get and was very specific so I wouldn't get cheated. I also have small hands so he made sure I bought one with a small neck!
2. Instead of getting thrown chord sheets, my friend and I got to request songs so that we can play for our leisure.
3. Instructors can always try to bash through their teaching but Alan is dedicated. He always made sure that we learn the chords accurately and picks on our plucking patterns too!
4. I am the slower learner between my friend and I, but patient Alan will always make sure I understand/pick up the skill before moving on.
5. My favourite part is: classes are never stressful, which makes learning fun!

And the list goes on... Thanks for everything, Alan!

Phoebe (:

Unknown said...

If you ask me to recommend a guitar teacher, I would gladly recommend Alan from Guitarworks. Alan had been a remarkable teacher during this learning journey with him. Not only was he friendly and patience, he was also dedicated. At times, when I could not grasp hold of certain concepts, he would slow down and explain it again even though he had explained it many times. Alan was also a very motivational person as he would constantly encourage and motivate me to achieve more. During this past few weeks, I felt privileged to be taught by him as classes were always fun and never stressful.

Thank you so much !


Zhang Ming said...

We are very blessed to have Alan as our son Samuel’s first guitar teacher. Alan is a very patient and passionate teacher. He makes great effort to cater to individual's learning need. Samuel enjoys every lesson with Alan and could sing several songs just in a few lessons. We will continue our son’s lesson with Alan and not hesitate to recommend him to any other guitar learner.

You have done an excellent job. Well done. Thank you very much.

Samuel's mom

Anusha said...

Having just completed 10 weeks of Alan's Beginning Contemporary course, I can honestly say that I've had a fantastic time. As I told Alan himself a few weeks ago, his classes quickly became the highlight of my week, not just because they were fun, but because I really felt like I had learnt something new every time I left.

I found Alan through a simple Google search. When I contacted him, he offered me a trial lesson to go through what he would teach me, which helped me clarify important issues with him and put my mind at ease. The classes themselves were well-structured and clearly delineated in his course booklet. However, the structure was also flexible, and because I already had a background in music and a very basic knowledge of the guitar, I was able to proceed faster. He was also comfortable letting me practice simpler stuff at home, and proceeding forward with more complex work during lessons. That was one of my favourite parts about Alan's teaching - that I could decide the pace of the lesson, rather than be forced to stick to a specific curriculum each week.

As a teacher, Alan is patient, caring and meticulous. He allowed me to be as fast or as slow as I was comfortable being, depending on the complexity of what I was learning, while still teaching me something new every week. He provided recordings for difficult songs, and allowed me to pick a range of songs that I was interested in learning.

I've had a lot of fun these past 10 weeks, and hope to be back for his intermediate course. Thanks, Alan! :)

Unknown said...

Very patience teacher and Alan is always able to make learning guitar feels very enjoyable.

I’m very grateful that I can find Guitarworks to learn my guitar. I always wanted to learn music instrument and especially to play some worship songs. But I’m also afraid that I have no talent in playing instrument.

During my 10 lessons with Alan, I can see that he is very passionate in what he is doing. He is very caring and patience in guiding me even when I keep repeating the same mistakes. He will relentlessly guide you, analyzing your mistakes and find ways to make you enjoy the process of playing guitar. Step by step he will guide you along to be able to play the songs.

I’m really happy with my achievement stage at the moment. I can play some worship song and learned different type of strumming. And I found the process of learning is very fun. I’m quite stress at the beginning with myself and my result but with his continuous guidance I find the process is very fun and makes me wanting continuously explore every songs!

Thank you Alan for the joy you’ve been sharing to me! Wish you continuous success and May God bless you always in your life! Continue sharing your overflowing joy to others! Cheers! :)

Unknown said...

A very good and patience teacher , learning guitar with him feeling very comfortable and not stress at all . Always will guide you in a proper way and correct your mistake . Glad that found a good teacher will continue the guitar lessons with Alan .

Thanks so much Alan , always encourage me and i feel so happy and enjoyed learning guitar with you .

Grace Lee Jia Huei said...

Thank God for this great opportunity to get to learn guitar from Alan! I feel so blessed! Always looking forward for the lessons. Alan is not only passionate about guitar but also cares for his students. He adjusts to the students' pace accordingly. I appreciate that he works out the timing to match up my shift work. He's very patient and dedicated. I've learnt how to play worship songs and sing along with it and It has become part of my devotion. Thank you!

Paul said...

I was learning to play the guitar on my own and reached a point where I needed proper guidance to improve my playing. Guitarworks seems to be having good reviews on the Internet and I decided to try it out.

After my trial lesson, it was clear that the reviews are well deserved. Alan is very knowledgeable in the instrument and is passionate about imparting them. He pointed adjustments in my technique and playing the guitar felt easier and more comfortable.

He is patient during lessons and every lesson is fruitful in that different styles of playing are introduced in the wide range of songs list. Song request are also accepted and I managed to play songs which I had difficulty.

Thank Alan!

B!gBEN- said...

Having known some basics of guitar playing, I wanted to brush up my technique and theory. Initially I thought perhaps just learning through internet and youtube videos would suffice, unless I could find a good teacher. After some casual googling, I chanced upon Guitarworks/Alan. His well-structured syllabus and good reviews intrigued and excited me to arrange a trial with him.

During the trial, he assessed my skills before proposing a suitable learning plan. Throughout the course, though he was the teacher, it was as though a good friend trying to teach me guitar. His patience and amicable personality made me feel comfortable in learning, unafraid of asking questions and making mistakes. I also sensed his sincerity and passion in teaching. He ensured that I grasped the concepts well, especially during the chord theory portion which was a tad mind-boggling to me; before we moved on.

I also got myself a guitar based on his down-to-earth recommendation which was value-for-money.

I am very happy to have taken lessons from Alan instead of relying on internet. Nothing beats having a great teacher guiding and helping you through. I'd definitely recommend anyone who is keen in learning guitar!

Thanks Alan and God bless you! =)

jay double u said...

I have always wanted to do something in relation to music and guitar had always been one of my first choices.

To keep that passion burning, I needed to look for someone that isn't forceful and keep things fun. I find Alan have the qualities I needed for a guitar instructor. He kept the lesson alive.

He is very patient and I am able to learn at my own pace. I enjoyed every lessons and piece i played. He makes sure to "simplify" harder chords into easier ones. He also provides recordings that I can look back to if I ever get lost.

I was not really into one-to-one lessons but with Alan, I am comfortable. He gives little short breaks when I had difficulties learning a new song.

An hour of traveling to & fro each week is really worth it when it comes to a great instructor like Alan.

Three cheers to Alan!

Unknown said...

Before I went to Mr Chen, I have never touched a guitar before. Thanks to him i now know how to play the guitar. Alan is a very patient and helpful teacher who understands me a lot. I can go at my own pace and he would help me if i have any questions during his class. He can tell if i'm not doing something right and can quickly correct my mistakes. Thanks to Mr Chen, i am now happy i started to learn guitar. He is a great instructor and i would definitely recommend him to anyone who is trying to learn guitar!

Thank you so much Alan!

Darren said...

I have always wanted to learn the guitar but did not really have the time to. Until I hit NS I decided you know what lets give it a go. I tried finding music schools but all of them had very inflexible timings. Luckily for me, I found Alan.

Not only does he have flexible lesson slots allocated to my schedule, he is also a very passionate guitar teacher that really knows his stuff. He always teaches me new tricks to on how to play the guitar and does his best to make sure I understand the theory behind before I start on the practical portion.

Also, he has an awesome lesson plan and chooses song not only to my liking, but his song choices also aids me in practicing the various techniques that we learn each lesson. He is also a patient and motivational guitar teacher that makes lessons enjoyable for me as well as make me look forward to lessons each week.

Overall, I really enjoyed my lessons with Alan and I am sure to continue learning as much as I can from him!

Thank you Alan look forward to our next lesson! =P

Unknown said...

I am very blessed to have found Alan as my guitar teacher! He has made learning guitar easy for a beginner like me with absolutely no background at all. While there is a proper structured programme in place, but you can still request to learn and play any songs you like. Really appreciate that he has simplified those difficult chords to make it playable so that I can still play most of the songs I like!

As a teacher, Alan is definitely very personable and encouraging, and most importantly very patience! I am already into my 2nd cycle of lessons with Alan and I am still looking forward to and enjoying every lesson! Playing guitar is definitely one of my favourite pastimes now, all thanks to Alan who have made it possible for me! Thank you very much!! :D said...

I am completely new to guitar when I first approached Alan for lessons. However he has proven that playing the guitar is made possible and easy for someone who knows nothing about it. He was very patient and encouraging. During the initial few lessons, it was hard to to get the finger placing a right especially training the strength of your own fingers to prevent buzzing. Even though there was a point I felt pretty disappointed with myself, Alan made the point to send us motivational messages and constantly reminding us we can do this. This really kept us going.

Being passionate about music, I would also sometimes ask for some special song requests which he would try to teach. We even randomly did a cover today recently and he was willing to do it with me after lesson hours! (:

Beginner 1 is coming to an end and we have all decided to continue on with beginner 2 classes with Alan! Thank you 老师 for your patience as always!

Unknown said...

Alan has a relaxed and friendly attitude. He identifies your immediate skill goals and integrates it into the syllabus. He has developed a very effective teaching method that is working well for me and he's always prepared with an exercise or song for me to take home and practice further. Every lesson builds on the last so that you are not wasting time and always moving forward. He's not a magician - you have to put in the effort to practice yourself. But he guides you to do it efficiently so that your time is spent learning valuable skills, instead of bad habits.

Alan is always encouraging even when I cringe at the sound of my own playing ;)
Thanks Alan!


Unknown said...

Having no music background and keen to learn guitar as an interest, my friend and I chanced upon Guitarworks and enquired with it. We immediately signed up when there are available slots. Have been learning from Alan for a few months and lessons have been really fun and enjoyable!

Alan is a very patient teacher. He would guide and correct my mistakes but not giving stress at the same time. Happy to say that i am able to play a few songs and looking forward to learning more as we proceed with intermediate lessons.

Thanks Alan for being a great teacher! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn guitar!

Lionel T said...

Effective teaching techniques with a friendly and jovial personality.Alan is surely an A+ teacher;excellent.

Mathew Chan said...

Benefited greatly from Alan coaching throughout the 10 sessions. I have been playing guitar on my own and in group for many years and often hit with roadblock when comes to fast songs. Alan was quick to identify my issue and corrected my strumming rhythm. It took a couple of weeks to unlearn and relearn the proper method and add-on. I am glad to say that I achieved my primarily objective in engaging his professional coaching. I am more comfortable now to move to fast track as well as switching between rhythm within a song. You can count on him to tailor a lesson plan specifically for your need. There is lots more to learn from him and I look forward to his next available date to start my second leg. God Blesses you abundantly.

Lite said...

Always wanted to pick up guitar but dragged the idea of going to a class to learn from the syllabus. Alan's lessons are not only fun but interactive. We get to be involved in what we learn and it feels more like a "friends get together and enjoy music" than guitar lesson. Strumming has then since become my daily activity and I enjoy guitar more and more as the lessons progress. Will definitely recommend and continue!

Jermaine said...

It's been a pleasure picking up guitar under Alan. Generally his notes are easy to understand and he explains the lessons very well. Of course, it is important to practise in your spare time so as to improve quickly. After a few lessons, I'm able to learn a few pop songs which is a major achievement itself. Also it's nice to learn various ways to train your mind to multi-task by playing the guitar and singing along, which is a challenge at times. Overall it's quite a fun experience.

Unknown said...

I just completed my One-to-One Program 1 (Beginner) under Alan. I chose a personal approach instead of online learning is mainly due to accountability. Although fear of what Alan will say if I have not practiced during the week is not the best motivator (as I should practice because I love it), it is a powerful factor nonetheless.
He provides feedback and constructive criticism on how i have progressed. There is no one-size-fits-all syllabus which suits my slow-learner nature (i.e. im not being rushed to keep up the pace).
He makes my learning journey truly enjoyable (in fact every mini “concert” he holds for me reignites my passion for learning!), and I would definitely recommend him to everyone who is keen to learn!

Yining said...

I've been wanting to learn guitar for quite some while and was searching of the ideal place to learn it from. Till, i came across Alan's website. I've read the positive feedback and see his syllabus, therefore i was quite convinced that, if I've taken lessons with him, somehow somewhat i would be managed to learn some basics of playing pop music. Definitely, it didn't disappoint me. Alan was a great teacher and like a friend to me. He was patient and encouraging, further more i do not have any music background and i was rather slow in learning it. He didn't gave up on coaching me and always give constructive feedback on each lesson. I really enjoy learning guitar from him and i will be taking the Intermediate Contemporary/Mandarin Pop Guitar with him when time allows.

In conclusion, i would definitely recommend him to everyone who is keen in learning guitar. said...

Learning guitar has always been on the bucket list & I'd finally gotten down to doing it late last year! Searching on the web for a place to learn guitar with professional mentorship so that i can learn properly, as I've always wanted to learn via online mediums - but figured i might not get the right techniques and proper basic skills, and that may set a wrong tone for a beginner like me.

Found Alan online in no time and once i saw 'Bedok', i had no intentions to go for this initially (I'm way up north!). Casually browsing his web, reading the reviews and guitarworks history, i felt his strong dedication towards teaching guitar & i told myself why not just go for a trial! It took me slightly over an hour to get there. I liked that we could learn up many hip songs and the lesson felt pleasant and enjoyable.

He would let us record his playing at the end of the lessons so that we have a reference while we practice at home. He would also point out your common mistakes and tries his best to help you cope with your individual difficulties. Well, i feel that as long as you have the passion and interest to learn this up, he is all in with you. He also recommended us the place to get our guitars and accessories with clear instructions !

Hey Alan, thanks for the wonderful 10 lessons, it may be far for me but i have never felt tired travelling down because you made the hour worthwhile!

Unknown said...

At last i have found a coach who is able to get me to strum and sing.Great! Alan is a gifted guitar coach. His methods focus on learner's perspective of acquiring a skill. That's how he imparts the know-how of playing the guitar. He has a way and the learner picks it up so effortlessly. What a gem!
-Mdm Lim

Unknown said...

After completing the beginner course, I am able to play a few songs easily. I enjoyed learning guitar with Alan. He is patient and friendly. He knows my pace of learning well and takes time to make sure I understand every lesson. The well-organized syllabus and the clear instructions really helped me learn effectively. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning guitar.

Unknown said...

Have been wanting to learn the guitar for a long time now and have attempted several times doing self-teaching online but it was not fruitful. Searched the web for any reputable private lessons, and came across Guitar Works. Read the reviews on the website as well as Facebook, and decided to enroll for the beginner course. It was definitely one of the best investment made.

Although I was on the waiting list for more than a month, the wait was worth it. I was a little skeptical about my ability to learn the guitar, coming from a music-less background, Alan was more than accommodating. He made sure the techniques used were correct even though it took me awhile to familiarize with the basics. He had never once grew impatient but instead, continually encouraged.

Because of his encouragement, it motivated me to practice weekly consistently before my lessons so as to not disappoint. The lessons were relaxing, and every week new songs were taught. I have now found a new source of relaxation thanks to Alan and I cannot wait to extend my lessons.

Thank you Alan, for being a blessing.

Unknown said...

I was googling for schools with beginner guitar classes for a while, and i came across Alan's page.

I started out with Alan with ZERO knowledge. Practically a noob. Now im able to play songs from Coldplay! Awesome!

What I enjoy most is Alan's commitment to his students. With a well structured system & musical notes, I was able to pick up guitar skills almost immediately. He breaks down each lesson, with in depth explanations and live demos.

Overall, it was one of the best investments made and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to pick up this skill. Cheers!

Wenkai.. said...

I always had a dream of playing the guitar. I had no music background at all when I registered for Alan’s guitar class, but thanks to his patience, I managed to go through different levels of difficulties of learning the basics of strumming. His patient advice also makes learning guitar easier. I like his method of allowing a recording of what he teaches. I enjoyed his lessons and it was with sadness when i had to end our lessons early because of my work commitments.


Nicholas said...

I tried learning guitar by myself a couple years back but did not make much headway. Managed to chance upon Alan who is teaching guitar in my neighbourhood and decided to give lessons a try. Am glad to say that taking lessons with Alan is one of the best decisions I made. He's a patient teacher and always willing to share his knowledge whenever I have questions. Can say that I enjoy my lessons immensely and can see the improvements in my playing with every lesson. Greatly recommend lessons with Alan to anyone.

redpurse said...

Been wanting to pick up another instrument and Guitar seems like a good choice for string instrument to start with. Tried searching for reliable and good teacher for me & my friend to take up lessons and chanced upon Guitarworks. Great choice, great teacher, Alan is patient with us and he makes lessons enjoyable. Never knew I could overcome the pain and of course a great sense of achievement when songs could be played after several lessons. Would recommend those who are keen on taking up Guitar lessons to approach Alan. He is great at what he does and I hope he continues to shine. Hopefully I am able to take up intermediate classes should time permits. Thank you cher! :)

Liang Ying said...

"Good teachers guide us to develop our potentials and embrace our strengths"

I must say Alan has not only been good but the best teacher one can ever ask for. Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning,appreciation for growing and room for making mistakes along the way. Thank you for being genuine! May you inspire many others to achiever with the greatness you have.


Unknown said...

I have been learning guitar from other places but it wasn't effective because the teaching wasn't structured and focused. Alan's lessons are very structured and allows you to learn the basics before moving on to the next step, without hindering progression. I was able to learn my first song in just the third lesson. I think the best thing about Alan's lesson are there is always progression, giving me motivation and something to look forward to each time i leave from the lesson. He also gives guidance on the "homework" we need to do during our free time, which are simple and effective. Alan is also a very patient and accommodating who adjusts his pace according to the student's needs. I would say that this is one of the best investments i have made!

Aggie Maggie Leon said...

I first came across Guitarworks when my friend forwarded some links of guitar coaches to me. In particular I was looking for someone who could teach worship music.
After reading Alan’s testimony, I decided to give it a shot and it was a wonderful decision. Alan is very patient and detailed with his teaching. I had no music background and didn’t know how to hold the gitar properly but he taught me from scratch and helped me play simple worship songs. He even bothered to address the fundamentals of guitar playing and likened the rhythm of guitar playing to percussion which made it easier to understand and pick up different rhythms.
Would recommend his lessons to anyone, regardless of whether you are musically inclined or not, the trainer is more than willing to help you from scratch. Lessons are enjoyable and you would definitely learn much more.

awanfang said...

Learning guitar from Alan has been such a great experience and I'm so glad to be receiving lessons from him! Initially, I was really hesitant about getting lessons as I have no prior experience at all. Alan is extremely patient and is willing to share his knowledge while making each lesson enjoyable. He is really honest with his students as well, which makes me feel comfortable during lessons. Looking forward to more lessons with Alan!

Fenn said...

We discover Alan's website by chance when we were looking for a guitar teacher.

Alan is a very patient and understanding teacher. II must say it's very challenging for him to teach a family of 3 who have different or no music background. He ensures we fully understand each technique by explaining in simple terms and demo before he moves on to the next lesson. His lessons are always interesting. He selects songs to our liking. We enjoy his lessons thoroughly.

It's definitely one of the best family bonding activities we have so far.

Unknown said...

Alan is a great teacher for learning guitar! I chanced upon his website when I did a search for guitar lessons. Was apprehensive about the distance from Serangoon to Bedok at first, but after the first few lessons, that was the least of my concerns. I enjoyed my lessons with Alan very much, he is a patient teacher who is willing to explain in detail any questions or doubts that you might have. Most importantly, it doesn't feels like a lesson at all, more like learning from a Friend instead!

I would strongly recommend Alan to anyone who wants to pick up guitar or improve on their skills! Have fun learning everyone!

Sherwin said...

Thank you Alan for being a patient and knowledgeable guitar instructor. Not only was Alan able to accommodate my busy work schedule, he had also tailored the lessons according to my learning pace. A highly recommended instructor for any amateurs who want to pick up a new skill!

Unknown said...

Alan is a patient teacher and very beginner friendly. He has very useful tips which many of us will probably never know if we were to learn guitar ourselves. These tips are especially great for us to improve faster. Throughout these lessons I've had with him, I learnt a great deal and saw myself from a newbie to someone who can play quite a handful of songs with strumming and plucking.

I am really thankful for his guidance, and am really glad that I've waited a few months before I got my slots with GuitarWorks. It was worth the wait.

If you're looking for a teacher who can help you learn fast and practice efficiently on your own, look no further! GuitarWorks is the one for you. Hurry and sign up because his slots are almost always limited!!!!

Cheers, and I wish all the new students a melodious music journey with GuitarWorks.

aug said...

Alan has developed a systematic and comprehensive beginner's program which covers the necessary fundamentals for a good foundation to grow from. I found the 10 week program to be easy to understand, practical with many different song examples and also balanced with a good introduction to theory.

Alan is also able to recommend exercises beyond his syllabus to order to make my class time with him more productive. He is friendly, patient, encouraging and accommodating - a great teacher for beginners like me!

Unknown said...

I had a great time learning with Alan, he has been very patient and understanding, and caters the lesson specifically to my pace and preferences. He answered any question I had and took his time with areas that I had any difficulty in.

He has a great system that anyone can easily take home and practice, and exercises that help build a solid foundation. Would definitely recommend Alan for beginners and even those who have specific learning needs! Overall the learning experience has also been very relaxing and friendly, and my takeaway from his lessons can definitely carry me into advanced easily with the right amount of personal practice!

Tan Khek Keong said...

I decided to approach Alan to learn playing the guitar after reading the numerous positive comments from students.

Alan is a passionate and dedicated guitar instructor. During lessons, he would draw the new chords, highlight different colours to indicate ½ or ¼ chord bars and indicate the different strumming for the different parts of the songs in the song sheet provided. His approach had removed the hassle for students to refer to different pages for the required information and made the learning processless disruptive, more conducive and more enjoyable.

The video recordings of Alan playing had been useful. They helped me review and correct how to play the songs.

Thanks Alan!

shanny said...

Alan was recommended to me from my friends who are also his students. Great recommendation I must say!! Being a noob with no musical background, Alan has always been very patient, understanding and kind during teaching. I especially appreciate that his guidance is specific and caters to my speed of learning. I must say guitar is a lot of hard work, practice and discipline for beginners like myself but I'm really thankful for Alan as he never fails to encourage me. He also responds positively to my "song requests" and tries his best to teach me songs which I like and fits in his syllabus. I think all the aforementioned qualities are hard to come by, or even impossible to find, in a school or group setting. :)

Looking forward to more lessons with Alan, and thank you for being a great teacher so far! xx

Shi En said...

Guitar lesson with Alan is very well structured. He addresses both the theory and practical elements adequately. His teaching approach is versatile and very much customised to my progress, needs and areas of interest.

Materials provided by Alan were very appropriate and useful. Many a time, Alan will jot down additional notes/ pointers which definitely did helped me to learn better.

As a teacher, Alan is observant in identifying strengths/weaknesses and hence he is able to promptly rectify my mistakes and provide precise advise accordingly. Alan is also able to demonstrate and explain newly introduced techniques in a very clear and concise manner.

I really thank GOD that I got to know Guitarworks through my friend whom have had guitar lessons with Alan. Her positive reviews led to my decision in learning guitar with Alan at Guitarworks despite the long traveling duration (that's because I stay in Admiralty)!

Absolutely no regrets though! =)

Shi En

Unknown said...

I was looking for someone who could teach worship music after done some google-ing I had discover Alan's website by chance, After reading Alan’s testimony, I decided to registered without trial class. Thankfully it was a great decision, I had no music background and didn’t know how to hold the gitar properly but he taught me from scratch and helped me play simple worship songs. I enjoyed my lessons with Alan, he is a patient teacher who is willing to explain in detail, He can tolerate and easy to coordinate with regard on my “quite tight schedule”. I would strongly recommend Alan to anyone who wants to pick up guitar or improve on their skills! Enjoy the learning.

Alexander said...

Me and my girlfriend have been learning from Alan for the past 2 months and we higher recommend him as a your guitar instructor. Not only did he provide undivided attention, he is also extremely patient with us. Having no background knowledge in music at all, Alan keep assuring me of my improvement and guiding me a long. Wonderful experience so far and looking forward to more great lessons!

Vince said...

For someone like me who has no musical background and just want to be able to play the guitar, Alan is a good fit. His lessons help me towards achieving my goal (with much more practice required on my part :)), without having to learn too much music theory.

Unknown said...

Learning with Mr.Alan at Guitarworks has helped me starting from scratch while at the same time going at a relaxing pace. Taking these lessons has not only see me become better at the guitar, but also reaffirm my passion for the instrument.He is very accomodative and was also able to do certain song requests that I had (which were not on his standard list of songs)

For anyone on the edge, i HIGHLY recommend Guitarworks for a enjoyable learning experience.

Hweeping said...

I thought about picking up guitar for a while, and was scouting around for a teacher who focuses on practical learning and execution, rather than formal theory (which I am sure many schools offer). I came across Alan’s website and decided to give it a go after reviewing the program syllabus which seems to fit the bill. Having attended 10 lessons with Alan, I have not been disappointed – the lessons are practical and not dry, and I have certainly made progress. He makes an effort to tailor the lessons according to his students’ aptitude and pace of learning, so that we make progress after each lesson.

Andrew :) said...

Alan is a great guitar teacher, he is able to deliver great guitar lessons! One thing that stood out the most to me was that he corrected my bad habits! He is patient and he won't pressure you if you are a slow learner. My guitar skills were sharpened and I am now a more confident musician. If you are looking for a teacher that will bring you to the next level in music, look no further!

Roy Tan said...

From playing the guitar in an unguided manner to now having a clear understanding the wonders of guitar work. Alan made playing the guitar clear and enjoyable. His lesson are clear and precise and progress is always made after each lesson. Practising is now clearly enjoyable. Alan's teaching skills enhances every lesson.

Terence Lee Yong Kwang said...

I took up guitar lessons with Alan hoping to lead worship in my small group meetings. Although I took some lessons with a guitar school before but I lack the confidence to play the guitar for worship in my small group. Alan is a patient and competent instructor. He is able to identify/correct all my bad habits and gradually I am able to strum and sing at the same time. The “Distraction Therapy” that he encouraged me to practice at home really helps. At the end of every lesson, Alan will get me to do a video recording of him playing the songs we have practiced. This recording is very helpful when I am practicing at home. I am able to regulate my strumming speed when I listen to the recording. The lessons with Alan has built up my confidence to strum and sing at the same time.

A highly recommended guitar instructor and I am looking forward to take up more lessons with him.

ted said...

Alan is a very encouraging and proficient teacher, and is clear in his instruction. He is enthusiastic in answering questions and to help his students improve. For example, Alan is willing to customise the lessons according to his students’ learning needs and requests. I really enjoyed the lessons and have also improved in both my theory knowledge and practical skills. I highly encourage you to learn under Alan!

Xiu Wei said...

Alan is very patient in teaching & will find ways to make sure I understand what is being taught. The materials provided are easy to comprehend. I would definitely recommend Alan to anyone who is keen in learning the guitar.

Unknown said...

I have always wanted to play the guitar but after trying a few times, I was beginning to believe that I'm a "guitar idiot".

Alan was my last ditch attempt to proof or disproof my ability to play the guitar.
After a few lessons, not only was I able to play a few songs, I was even singing along.

One word sums it all - "Ecstatic".

Thank you teacher Alan for your patience, encouragement and guidance.

Marcus Too said...

Alan has been a patient and motivational teacher during my short stay in the guitar world. I am not musically talented in natural but he has taken the right steps to build my confidence to learn how to play guitar with ease . He can be a friend, motivator and teacher. If you have not seen how I started, with my weak co ordination skills, feel free to contact me.

Music is actually a fun way to relax and relieve your daily work activities.

If you need a influential music teacher, look for Alan and he will be your route to success

Wee Fatt said...

My learning experience has been great. Being a real novice in music and guitar, I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey for the past few months learning from Alan. His lesson is never just about completing what he needs to teach, it is also about catering to your need in choice of songs, pace of learning and objective in attending his class. This I guess is important in motivating me.

Alan, thank you so much for your patience and guidance.

Unknown said...

Alan is a very patient and motivating teacher. My classes with him so far had been fun and I learned a lot in these few months because Alan is very detailed in teaching and he really make sure you understand everything before he moves to the next step. It's a better learning place as it's a private class than commercial guitar classes. Highly recommended for anyone who wanna learn guitar.

Unknown said...

Alan is a guitar teacher who truly knows what he's doing. He has a structured lesson plan and is always motivating and encouraging you to learn the more diffciult concepts. He sometimes shows you some songs that are more difficult than your current playing skills to keep you motivated and engaged.

Throughout the whole 10 weeks, he was very patient with me especially as I had no muscial background. Definitely money well-spent! I intend to continue with Alan for another 30-40 weeks at least !!

Unknown said...

Alan has always been very patient and regularly motivates me along my learning journey. As a result, his teaching provides me the confidence to continue playing the guitar which is important especially for me whom has no music background and don’t listen to music regularly. His lessons tend to challenge me to go beyond my ability, yet at the same time progressive and achievable.

In addition, Alan allows me to learn the songs which I have chosen. Meanwhile, he will simplify the songs’ chords and rhythm to suit my level. Most importantly, he will correct bad habits and promote the fundamentals such as posture of handling (hands that grip the guitar neck and strumming respectively) the guitar. In conclusion, his lessons are enjoyable and I look forward to more lessons by him.

Tze Hoon said...

I have been picking up guitar lessons with Guitar Work for ~ 18 lessons. I am able to play a few songs now. Compared to other guitar instructors that I had learnt my guitar lessons, Alan is a instructor who will specifically tell the student the strength and weakness and follow up in each lesson with the student that the weakness has been / slowly being overcome.

Alan is a patient and flexible instructor where he will tailor the lesson accordingly to the student learning pace and also able to put up training materials very fast (if we student request for some songs that are not covered in his training material).

Chin said...

I have been attending Alan's lesson for 12 lessons till date, while I am continuing the lessons with him. I have no regrets to wait for his open slot on sun to learn guitar from him. Although I attended guitar classes before at music schools, he noticed that my fundamentals are still very weak and bad habits. He was patient in correcting the bad habits and building me with the correct techniques during the few beginner classes. After putting in hard work, I could gradually see improvements. There are new things to learn from him every week. I liked to have one to one classes with him as it allows me to be more focused. He also motivated me to practice everyday at home so that I would not lost touch on it. He strongly encourage me not to give up on learning the guitar as it will take years to master it

SanChua said...

It took me years before I finally decided on taking lessons on playing the guitar. I was on a mission to find the right teacher in November 2016. For me, that was important because I have a very odd working hours and I get bored very easily. And boy, I am so glad that I decided to take a leap of faith in joining Guitarworks because it is totally an amazing experience! :D

Alan is a fabulous teacher and he is so kind to accommodate to my odd working timing. He makes learning the guitar interesting and easy to understand. Just the way he talks about how to take care of our guitar and the proper technique to play it makes me want to do better each time. He is absolutely passionate about what he does and that is such an important quality to have in a teacher.

I used to play in my own way which have lots of fundamental mistakes. Alan taught me how to play correctly and absolutely made playing the guitar easier for me. He is also very patient whenever I made fundamental mistakes because it became a bad habit hahaha! And I am truly grateful for that. I am learning so many new things from him and I finally understood why it is so important to have proper lessons. Thank you, Alan!! You're the best!! :)

Other than that, after a few months of learning from him with different Christian songs, I am inspired to join my church's worship team this year. At some point I was not very confident because I was very discouraged by my previous experience but somehow after classes with Alan, he would encourage me to play and sing at the same time and that really helped me to practice even during my own time. Kinna boost my confidence more each time too haha! And guess what!! I started to make covers too! yayyy :D

God put the right teacher for me and I am very grateful to be learning from him. SO thank youuuu, Alan!! I totally recommend him to any of you who are reading our comments and get ready to be absolutely pump up to learn and be amazing guitar players here in Guitarworks. Wootz wootz!! :D

God bless :)

Sophie Wah said...

Firstly I’m thankful for my colleague, Tiffany who introduce Alan to me for me to have my guitar lessons.

I wanted to learn guitar after I completed my study, I think it is because I like singing and guitar is much more easier for me to bring around and space constraint as I only rent a room in Singapore.

Alan is really a great teacher. He is kind, caring and patient. He will be able to slow down and guide me in every mistake that I made. He also allows me to learn the songs which I have chosen. In addition, he will simplify the songs’ chords to suit my level. He has a structured lesson plan and is always motivating and encouraging me to learn the more diffciult chords. He shows me some songs that are more difficult than my current playing skills to keep me motivated and engaged.

This few sessions with Alan was very gratifying and it’s really a great joy to learn under his tutelage. Thank you teacher Alan for your patience, encouragement and guidance.


Sophie Wah

Unknown said...

Always wanted to get serious in picking up guitar and somehow, Alan was the first selection that came up in my initial search. Guess "fate" played a big part in leading me to him and today, I have to say I feel indebted to fate once again.

I had a short stint of lessons including music schools in the past - now that put in comparison, strangely, Alan has way more structure in his lessons. That goes without saying that I had improve a lot from day 1 under his guidance.

IMO, the reasons for so many positive reviews is simply because he delivers and I can testify to that. Thanks Alan, I guess I have seriously picked up guitar for real, cant imagine myself parting with my guitar even for a day, srs!

vanessylc said...

I took Beginner one-to-one lessons with Alan from Jan-Apr 2017. Initially I had my reservations about having to travel 1.5hours from school (in the west) to Bedok, and then another 1.5hours back home (in the north) every week. However I was still won over by the numerous positive reviews written by previous students, which are indeed highly accurate depictions of Alan’s teaching effectiveness and patient character!

Coming from a non-musical background, I started off my guitar journey without much confidence, and depended greatly on reassurances that I was progressing fine. There were times when I was slow to learn and I let off small steams of frustration, yet Alan was very patient in guiding me again step-by-step, troubleshooting my mistakes, encouraging me to press on and gently reminding me that there was no need to make guitar-learning a stressful/rushed thing!

Being able to record videos to review back home was certainly helpful, and I appreciate that Alan would annotate and highlight on my coursenotes since I mentioned that I learned better that way. I was also impressed by his intentionality to ask about my general well-being/follow-up on certain issues causing me anxiety. This is truly a testament to his caring nature and ability to reach out and build a comfortable connection with students, which also aids in making the guitar-learning process more enjoyable and conducive.

All in all, I am very pleased that I have gained a new skill and found an awesome teacher in Alan! The lesson atmosphere is light, the lessons are suited to your individual pace/schedule and you can choose the songs that you would like to learn (what more can you ask for?! :p)
Would definitely recommend others to learn under Alan! :DDD

Chin said...

I highly recommended Alan for anyone who wish to learn guitar. He is an awesome teacher.

He created his own syllabus that can help beginner like me to build a strong foundation for guitar. Thing like what to do for the first few lessons, to build up the finger muscle. He is extremely patience and observance. He would be able to point out my mistake or bad habit while i was playing guitar; and remind me to solve the problem by the next lesson.

I was not very good at strumming, i cannot figure out why. We change the syllabus to plucking. it works well for me and i can sing along. I enjoy more of my guitar lesson now. By the way, I continue the 2nd session, of the 1-1 lesson. he is very encouraging.

Anyone who is new will definitely able to sing and play after a few lessons with Alan.

highly recommended him


Unknown said...

I've always wanted to learn guitar back when I was a secondary school student, but didn't had the chance to back then. I'm glad to have Alan as my instructor. The syllabus was just nice for me, and he's been very patient and nice. I do experienced some difficulties picking up guitar, but have gradually overcame them with the help of Alan.

I do have friends who asked me why don't I learn guitar from tutorials online and YouTube instead, but I can guarantee you it's different without a proper instructor who can point out your mistakes and guide you to the proper skills.

I have enjoyed my Beginner lessons, and am happy that I'm able to strum some decent chords and a few songs after ten lessons with him!

Unknown said...

I didnt have much expectation of myself when I decided to try learning guitar. My mentally was "try and see how it goes. If Im stupid and cannot make it, then just stop after the package ends". I chanced upon Alan's website, read the good reviews and decided to try him. Alan is a very good teacher. He is patient and most importantly, I never feel stress attending the classes even though I know Im not a fast learner. Alan is able to pinpoint my mistakes so that I can take extra effort to correct them bit by bit. I think as long as I follow Alan's syllabus, I should improve slowly over time. By the 10th lessons, Im able to play quite a few songs. Singing and playing at the same time is still challenging for me but I should be able to do that over times with Alan's guidance. Im continuing my lessons with Alan after the 10th lesson and highly recommend him to others who wish to pick up guitar.

serene said...

I took lessons from Alan during the first half of this year.
Alan is an extremely patient teacher - conscientious, meticulous, caring, & genuine in nature.
He has very keen observational skills and picks up specific aspects of our individual guitar playing skills & styles (e.g. anchoring of the thumb during chord holding, movement of the elbow during playing) and I was really impressed as I would not have picked up these finer details by myself.
I really appreciated Alan for his sincerity in teaching, and his consistent encouraging nature in engaging his students.
If you are interested in learning the guitar or seeking to improve your skills in any way at all, I would highly recommend you to consider contacting Alan and interact with him personally to catch a glimpse of the positive lesson atmosphere that would make your guitar lesson enjoyable every week.
Thank you Alan for everything! :)

Joan said...

Alan is an excellent teacher. He is systematic, clear and concise. He tailors his explanation to my needs. Patience is one his virtues which helps me to learn without feeling stressed. After 10 lessons, I can play and sing simultaneously more than 10 songs. I intend to continue learning from Alan and I would highly recommend him as a guitar teacher. Thank you Alan; you are a wonderful teacher.

Lay Mui said...

Alan is a really really great teacher. Despite that I have no musical background and is a slow learner, he showed great patience when coaching and adjusted his pace to ensure that I am able to follow.

Every lesson has been an enjoyable learning experience because he is such an encouraging, patient and caring teacher!

Unknown said...

Before I heard about guitarworks, I had troubles learning to play the guitar by myself as I did not know where to start. However, after having 10 lessons with Alan, I was able to play some of my favorite songs and sing along at the same time! The way he explain things are clear and easy to understand. Not only that, he would correct the mistakes or any bad habits that I make every lesson to ensure that I'm progressing in the right direction. He is also very patient and encourage you all the time to keep you motivated to learn. If any of my friends would want to learn to play the guitar, I'll definitely recommend Alan to them.

Chris said...

话说我是学生编号293 哈~ 坦白说,我第一次写述评,就选择以不拘谨的方式。
目前在这里没看见中文版,所以我决定写中文!(请原谅我的调皮 其实是我的英文差)

目前跟Guitarworks完成了一对一的十堂课,我终于体会到手指真正触碰那六和弦的感觉 “妙”!学习吉他永远不会太迟~

Unknown said...

I have been learning guitar from Alan for more than 3 months now. I started off with zero knowledge on guitar but Alan made learning guitar really fun and easy! His lessons are well-structured, allowing beginner students to progressively pick up the basics easily. More importantly, Alan has always been patient and encouraging during each lesson. Not forgetting his good sense of humor as well. Will definitely recommend this teacher to anyone who is keen to pick up some guitar skills :)

Ya Qin

Unknown said...

I started learning guitar from Alan a few months back. As a more 'senior' person, I really appreciate his patience and encouragement. He made the effort to curate pieces that would resonate with me since I am almost from a different era. It's wonderful too how he is considerate of the fact that my fingers cannot stretch as well as his younger students.

Unknown said...

I was searching online for an acoustic guitar course and finally decided to go with guitarworks. Never regretted my choice!
During my 10 lessons with Alan, I managed to learn what I wanted to know about acoustic guitar, especially on the technique part. It has been a great learning experience from Alan. Alan is a friendly and approachable teacher. Easy to talk to and patient.
Alan has his own customized course materials which are great for beginners. If you have been thinking of playing the guitar, loves to strum and sing, look no further, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Age should not be a barrier in music, just go for it and engage in a class with Alan!

Unknown said...

I've started learning guitar from Alan since 4-5 months ago and from my point of view, Alan is patient at teaching anyone including myself. Alan also helped me to point out the things that I need to "unlearn". With his experience, practical approach and constant encouragement, I've improved my guitar skills tremendously in the short few months.

So, I'm thankful for the experience and I would highly recommend Alan to anyone who desires to learn guitar. :)

Unknown said...

For the longest time, I've always wanted to play up a musical instrument. Music is something that brings people closer together and I really like the idea of playing the guitar.

However, I'm horribly musically untalented, I can't read musical notes, and I can't even play the recorder for that matter. I even remember causing some confusion initially when I signed up as I didn't know the difference between acoustic and classic guitars, that's how back my musical background is! XD

Despite all that, Alan was very patient and encouraging with teaching me, going at an appropriate pace to help me cope despite my lack of musical background. Alan regularly makes jokes to liven up the atmosphere during lessons, he charges at affordable prices, and he has a structured and well-tailored teaching programme that he puts together for students.

Most of all, Alan is an understanding teacher. I juggle a shift-work job and my schedule is simply ridiculous to work with. Despite all that, Alan, seeing my eagerness to learn, always tries to accommodate my schedule as best as he can. He is a great, encouraging and sincere guitar teacher, would recommend to any guitar/music beginner looking for an excellent tutor!

mun said...

Truly recommend Alan to anyone who wants to learn the instrument esp. For fresh beginners. He has a well structured teaching plan and although he desires for all his student to progress well according to his plan, he is very understanding towards every student's ability. Hence he will adjust the learning topics based on your progress without making students feel awkward or tensed up. To me, that is very encouraging. I will surely come back to pick up guitar again once work commitments are lightened.

Cheers, Charlie

Unknown said...

Alan is a very friendly, patient and inspiring teacher. Since young i had always wanted to pick up the guitar but it seemed very daunting to start learning as there were so many things to keep in mind, but with his progressive teachings and cheerful personality, he has helped me to achieve much more than i thought i could possibly learn about the guitar like strumming, bars, chords and much more. So for anyone who wants to pick up the guitar i highly recommend this tutoring service.

Unknown said...

I would like to thank Alan for all the wonderful lessons that he has provided for me and my son. As a mother, I never really had much bonding sessions with my son and awhile back when I found out about our common interest in the guitar, I decided to find a suitable guitar tutor for both of us. After searching, I am grateful for coming across Guitar Works, with Alan being the patient and fun teacher that he is, he has provided me and my son valuable sessions together learning how to play the guitar and growing as individuals, thanks Alan!

[[Z]hiyuan] said...

Wanted to pick up guitar for quite some time already, however, having learnt guitar on my own for some time already, I did not want to attend a music school as that will mean I will be likely to "waste" some lessons since I will have to attend beginner classes, and the first few lessons are likely to cover things that I already know. Having a personal instructor means that I'm able to go at a quicker pace, as Alan will skip through the material that I already know, and then proceed to cover materials that I do not know.

Having a personal instructor also means that if you have time to spare on your hands / super interested in learning guitar, you can attend multiple lessons in a single week. Also, I get to choose songs that I'm interested in playing, which helped me to maintain my interest in learning guitar. I don't really have interest in music, and I decided to sign up for guitar lessons to kill time. However, Alan made the guitar lessons enjoyable.

After 10 lessons or so, I'm able to figure out simple chords in a single key for songs that I'm familiar with, which I think isn't too bad for someone who has no interest in music. Will definitely continue taking lessons if I have the time!

Unknown said...

I chanced upon guitar works last year July 17 and started my trial with Alan in July and still pursuing my learning journey with him til now. I do have some background in guitar some years back but my learning experience - first starting in group and another individual did not motivate me to go further and soon my passion in guitar just diminished. But interestingly in July 17, I somehow decided to pick up the instrument again that's how I found Alan. He stared to teach patiently from scratch and corrected the flaws which I picked up through my previous learning. I find that his teaching method is structured and cater to each individual's learning progress at the same time pushing you and encouraging you to reach the next level. I see improvement in my playing and definitely like his style of teaching making me not afraid of making mistakes as he will always reassure and correcting you. For someone who is keen on learning guitar, I would definitely recommend Alan , he is not only a teacher and also a friend whom i can talk freely in class sharing common interests. Thumbs up Alan!! I look forward in embarking my music journey with you , Cheers!!



Unknown said...

I chanced upon Guitarworks while looking for a good guitar school to master this instrument. At the back of my mind, I had shortlisted schools like Yamaha and Christophori, both a stone's throw from my place. Somehow, guitarworks website caught my attention. I liked how informative the website was, which was enough for me to ditch my original plan (to choose one based on proximity and cost) and began my learning path with Alan at Guitarworks.
The journey to and fro Guitarworks took two hours but this was a minor inconvenience when compared to how much I gained from each lesson. A novice in musical instrument with no musical talents, coupled with very stiff fingers, Alan had been extremely patience and encouraging and never once stressed me when I missed the beat. His lessons were organised and structured yet flexible where necessary so as to adjust to the student's learning pace. Loved the way how Alan would teach different chords via playing different pieces of songs. After 10 lessons with him, I am able to play a couple of songs. Although still far from mastering these songs, to me, it was a reasonably good achievement for someone whose dream was to be able to play at least an instrument. So great thanks to Alan and I will definitely continue my learning with him!

Unknown said...

I’ve started learning guitar 20 years back and only lasted for about 1+ year as I felt I have not been able to advance further primarily due to 2 mains reasons, not talented and no determination to self learn from Internet. Fast forward to Oct 2017, one fine night, I told my wife that I might want to take up lesson again so that we can worship God together. She immediately consulted Google and that’s how she found GuitarWorks. If you are like me, not talented but wanted to learn and progress in this wonderful instrument, contact Alan today. He has definitely made playing guitar fun and interesting again. His lesson is systematic, paced according to our progression, and with much practice, you will be amazed.

Unknown said...

Alan is no doubt one of the best guitar teacher that you could ever find in Singapore. Reading this review do not really do much justice to the amazing things he has done with his students. For me, he had certainly changed my view towards music from challenging skill to a life long learning passion that I can definitely achieve in. Besides teaching he listens and provides advise to become better as a guitarist and a person. Not bounded with a fixed mindset, Alan certainly brings joy and energy into the lessons and into our musical hearts. Thanks a lot Alan for being a life changer.

yenlins said...

I have started my guitar lesson with teacher Alan for almost half a year, every class is tailored according to my progress and he is patient when I encounter difficulty in learning new skills, I am motivated to go for every class and learn to play better, will definitely recommend Guitarworks!

Unknown said...

I found Alan's website through Google as I was looking for a guitar teacher. I have been wanting to learn guitar proper since a long time ago, and never gotten around to do it because I never found any suitable classes. I'm glad I've decided to try learning from Alan (despite the really far distance as I stay in Hougang), because he is a very nice and patient teacher. His lessons are very structured, and I really enjoyed it. He is also always willing to take on my song suggestions and try to teach me songs that I prefer as well. Will definitely recommend Alan to anyone who's looking to learn guitar! - Alexis

Unknown said...

I was previously self-learning guitar online before I took up lessons with Alan. It is extremely important to have a good guitar teacher who can observe your playing in person, as you naturally develop many bad habits from watching online tutorials that you may never notice. In the first lesson alone Alan immediately pointed out some technique-related mistakes that I had developed.

As a teacher, Alan is patient, clear and effective. He explains everything so clearly that I have no doubt anyone would be able to learn from him. Whenever I encounter a problem in playing, he was able to identify the issue immediately and teach me how to correct it. That is, in my opinion one of the best advantages of having a 1-to-1 lesson .

The lessons are well planned and structured, starting from the very basics and slowly increasing in difficulty. Alan is great at tailoring the lessons to your own learning speed, making sure that the lessons are not too fast or slow.

Overall the experience has been very enjoyable but also effective and rewarding, which is why myself and probably many others choose to continue after the first 10 lessons. If you wish to learn guitar, you can't go wrong with Guitarworks.

Lily Ng said...

I am in my 50’s, work full time and had never learned music.  I had been looking around for an appropriate guitar teacher for the past 1.5 years because I know I will be a slow learner and would need 1-to-1 attention.  I eventually enrolled and took 1 module of beginners guitar lesson (group) at a music school but felt that it did not meet my needs.  I found Alan through my church care group leader who had taken lessons from Alan and highly recommended him.


I am one of Alan’s more challenging students �� .  The first module was frustrating for me and I felt discouraged because of the usual beginners’ issues such as inflexible (stumpy) fingers, poor memory, too much work and social distractions = no time to practise, etc. etc. Towards the end of my first module of 10 lessons, I thought - maybe playing the guitar is not for me and should just give up, however, through Alan’s attentiveness, dedication, patience and encouragement, I continued with him and am very happy to see progress now.  Alan explored various ways to address my learning weaknesses and customized the lessons to fit my slow pace, constantly reminding me not to feel stressed, to take baby steps and enjoy this learning journey.  Alan is an awesome teacher - caring, very observant and empathetic; a genuine and sincere person.  I am very blessed to have found a great guitar teacher !  Thanks, Alan, God bless you and your family !

Joyce Siew said...

I have been learning with Alan since March 2018. Right from when i first reached out, he was helpful and was very clear of the expectations of the lessons. I appreciate it because as a working professional, this allows you to plan your schedule.

Classes are always enjoyable. Alan is patient and very encouraging. You will be motivated to do better and practice because you learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. Alan sees to that.

I am getting really good advice on techniques that really help in playing.

Overall, I look forward to my weekly lessons and definitely recommend anyone interested in tailored lessons to go to Alan!

Unknown said...

Alan is a great teacher, very charismatic and energetic.

I started taking lessons with Alan a couple of months ago and would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn guitar. He has a ton of experience teaching guitar which is seen in the way the classes are structured. The classes progress in a structured manner, there are reviews for mostly everything he teaches and there are exercises to learn different aspects of playing the guitar. You get homework (on your own interest) and it gets reviewed at the beginning of each lesson. He tailors exercises based on what you like to play and builds the course based on your goals. He also never finishes right on time unless some student is waiting. If there is no one waiting, he almost every time goes 5-10 mins overtime.

I can already notice a significant improvement in my playing and whole understanding of the instrument. Alan is here for the long run if you want to shred like him. Take a chance and have fun learning guitar with Alan.

PS: Request for Alan: Digital notes are much better than Paper notes. It would be great if you start giving notes on email rather than paper :)

Melissa said...

From a zero knowledge to guitar, now being able to strum few of my favourite songs, I am really glad to have him as my guitar instructor. Pay attention while attending his lessons and put some effort on practising at home will surely lead you to success...

Thank you Alan!

Unknown said...

Alan is a patient teacher with a sharp eye for detail. His curriculum is very structured and lessons with him are always fun. I went from a complete beginner to being able to strum a few songs now, something I would never been able to do otherwise.

10/10 would recommend Alan, give him a chance if you’re considering to learn the guitar!

Unknown said...

I had wanted to learn playing the guitar for the longest time and know that a one-on-one lesson would be the most effective. Hence I engaged the help of Alan. It was definitely the right decision as Alan turned out to be a very patient and nurturing teacher. He made sure that as a beginner, I get all my foundation and basic skills accurate before progressing further. He also motivated me to practise hard at home by making the lessons fun, interactive and stress-free. Lesson by lesson, I can feel myself getting better each week. It also helped tremendously that Alan is very observant at identifying posture problems and other technical difficulties I am facing before it escalates to a bad habit so that it can be corrected at the initial stages.

If you are looking for a wonderful musical journey, look no further as I would highly recommend Alan ��

Jia Wei said...

Alan is a great teacher who makes lessons fun and relaxing! Even though I do not have any prior experience with the guitar, his patience and enthusiasm as well as his well structured curriculum makes lessons easy to follow. Furthermore, the lessons are also tailored to your own pace which helps a lot if you are busy with other commitments.
I would definitely recommend Alan to anyone interested in learning how to play the guitar!

Shian Lew said...

我是没有音乐基础的吉他初学者,在网路上看到guitarworks就参加了beginner lessons,现在已经完成了10 lessons,学习的过程非常愉快而且不会太复杂,one to one的课程也让我有充足的时间提出自己的问题,在家可以进行简单的自弹自唱的确是蛮有成就感的,非常谢谢Mr.Alan详细的教导和纠正,目前我还在继续beginner lessons当中,希望学会更多具有挑战性的技巧,有心不怕迟,强烈推荐有兴趣学吉他的人真的不妨来报名参加guitarworks的课程!

Joshua said...

If you're looking for private guitar lessons, having Alan as a teacher would be a great choice. He makes sure that you learn something new every lesson and teaches you at your own pace. His lessons are well structured and he accommodates to your preferences such as having more English or Chinese songs if you request so. Overall, he's a great teacher who will make you motivated to learn to play the guitar!

bijouxrain said...

I came in as a complete newbie to guitar and I’ve so far completed almost 30 lessons with Alan.

In a nutshell, he has been really patient, understanding and funny! He is observant and picks up on my weaknesses and gives me actionable pointers to combat them. I was also able to request some songs to learn which makes it a lot faster for me to pick up the concepts since I’m familiar with them. He also introduce new songs in order to help me learn more advance techniques.

Can't wait to keep getting better and better with Alan :)

- Angeline

Jeff OwYeong said...

I was looking for an established music school to learn guitar and stumbled upon Alan’s website. After reading many good reviews and learned about its structured syllabus, I decided to enroll his guitar lessons.

Being a music noob and slow learner, Alan is extremely patient and meticulous in his teaching. He will pinpoint every mistake that I’ve committed and ensure I have overcame them. The pace of the lesson is also adjusted to accommodate my learning progress.After more than 10 lessons with Alan, I am able to play a few songs on my own although there are still room for improvement.

Despite the long journey to Alan’s house for weekly guitar lesson, Alan’s attentiveness,commitment & flexibility more than make up this slight inconvenience. I'm glad that I've made the right choice & would recommend Alan to my friends or anyone who would like to learn guitar!

Jeff OwYeong

Betty Lee said...

Alan is a kind, patient and responsible guitar instructor. He knows how to encourage his students. I feel happy to learn guitar from him.

Jr said...

Alan is a patient and accommodating tutor who tailors his lessons according to the student. That’s very helpful and has allowed me to stay motivated in getting better at the guitar.

^_^ said...

Alan is an incredible teacher who has a lot of experience teaching. He will often give specific tips and techniques to play the guitar better and also explain common mistakes to avoid. I find that this has greatly accelerated my learning.

He is also very patient and will tailor the lesson pace according to your learning speed. Overall, in just a span on 10 lessons I have been able to go from barely knowing any guitar chords to playing quite a few songs under his guidance. And that is why I highly recommend Alan to anyone who wants to learn guitar!

-Song Guan

nicholas said...

I am extremely grateful to Alan for accommodating time to teach me guitar even though I could only join for a few lessons. Even though it was a short amount of time, I feel that I have learnt a lot under his guidance.
I think one thing to note is that lessons with Alan are never boring because the skills we learn are quickly applied into songs. Furthermore, he is always patient and understanding when mistakes are made, which has encouraged me to keep trying and trying until I get the hang of playing.
Overall, I would really recommend Alan to anyone who wants to play the guitar :)

Neo Wei Ren (IG: wrrneo) said...

I came in with no music background and was a bit apprehensive about learning guitar. However Alan taught me in a structured and easily understandable manner, allowing me to visibly see how I have progressed after each lesson. He also clearly explains the rationale behind his instructions, which gives me greater motivation to practice. In addition, he has a personalized approach and would encourage me to tell him which songs I would like to learn. This made me much more enthusiastic about his lessons!

Unknown said...

I've worked with a couple of different guitar instructors but I learned most from Alan. What's great about Alan is he is infinitely patient, focused and ready to do what it takes to help a student to become a better guitar player. Thanks Alan, jia you!

Kate Ng

James said...

I have always wanted to learn the guitar but didn’t have the chance to do so. I came across Guitarworks and I’m glad I gave it a shot! I'm actually able to play a few songs and sing simutaneously after 10 lessons with Alan.

Alan is an excellent teacher who is very patient and encouraging. He is always willing to go the extra mile to explain my questions and will make the extra effort to rectify any mistakes that I made. Course materials and recordings were also provided for ease of learning, I found it very useful for beginners!

Alan makes every lesson interesting and productive which in turn made my learning journey an enjoyable one. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is keen to learn the guitar.

Ming said...

I have taken 9 lessons from Alan and I have seen clear improvements in my guitar skills with each and every one of them. Alan is extremely patient and very willing to impart all that he knows to help his students grow to become better guitarists. He has a syllabus which is very comprehensive and will help students get to the level they want to be. I strongly recommend any guitar enthusiasts to go to Alan should they seek to reach their full potential.

take2_sam said...

Alan is an experienced teacher and I know I am in good hands learning the guitar from him. He knows what are the mistakes students commonly make. This helps a lot in our learning journey as he watches out for these and points it out so that we can be more mindful. Patience is one of his virtues particularly to students like me whose learning ability is not as fast as the youths and do not have the luxury of time to constantly practice. With his help I have progressed significantly in my learning of the guitar and I am very happy with it!

UncleQuek said...

After my retirement (60-yr old uncle), i was looking to pick up guitar strumming as one of my bucket-list item. After much searching on the various internet/ social media, i was attracted to guitarworks by the good reviews and decided to took up contemporary pop course with Alan in May'19.
I am very impressed by his patient and good-nature teaching and his down-to-earth approach.(No over-promises or unrealistic claims as seen on many on-line guitar courses).
He took extra effort to tailor the lessons/ songs to suit my speed of learning (slow learner + stiff fingers��..)
He even go out of the way to get new teaching notes for some oldies songs that i specially requested.
I fully recommend Alan for his patient and personal teaching method.
For info i am progressing to the intermediate contemporary pop course

Bri said...

I have always wanted to learn the guitar since young and was always on and off searching for potential guitar instructors/lessons that could match my irregular schedule as a nurse. I contacted Alan after viewing his testimony and various reviews by others on guitarworks and decided to give it a go. Learning the acoustic guitar was a challenging yet enjoyable activity made possible all thanks to Alan! He was very approachable, patient and understanding when it comes to teaching the guitar and arranging lessons to accommodate my shift work. I really liked that he doesn't hesitate to correct certain "bad" habits and provided lots of constructive feedback. From my experience, Alan also pushes your own boundaries when he feels that you are making fast progress but slows down when you need it. After 20 beginner lessons with Alan, I am not only able to strum and finger pluck worship and contemporary songs but also sing a long to them, which gives me a strong sense of gratification!

Davina said...

Alan is a great guitar teacher. His patience and his willingness to let me learn songs that I personally requested are some of the things that I highly appreciate, not to mention his flexibility to accommodate some changes on the timing for the lessons due to my working hours. Hopefully, slowly but surely I can do the finger pluck while singing along to the songs. Looking forward!

Thank you, and keep up the good work! :)

Unknown said...

Alan is very good at playing guitar as well as teaching. He's patient and easy to talk. I've learned almost 9months with him and now ready for the intermediate course. Never feel stressful learning guitar since he won't push me to practice. Anyway, I love music and playing guitar with Alan. It becomes one part of my life routine :)

Shan Shan said...

Good one to one course. Alan is patient and accomodating. Within the programme structure, he is open to personal song and learning preferences. He is also encouraging and able to pace. I am happy that I met my learning goals.

Unknown said...

I have learned how to play guitar couple of years back with one of the musical school in Singapore, together with 2 to 4 students in the class.

Because we were in the group, the teacher would not spend much time to correct us. Understandable and fair enough. You paid price for the peanuts, cant expect to have macadamia nuts. I was with the school for a year and sad and true enough I didnt see any great improvement. I cannot smoothly finish 1 song. Not much motivation given, I gave up practise guitar eventually.

Couple of months back, i decided to give myself a chance to learn guitar again. I need personal coaching; 1 to 1 session. After googling, I got to know Alan, GuitarWorks.

Nice, accomodating and patient guy, this is what I want to say about Alan.

His lessons plan are structure and organised.

After 20 sessions with him, I am able to play most of the mandarin pop songs (about 30 to 40 songs) taught by him without much difficulty.

Thanks Alan, he has motivated me in one way or another, else I might have given up guitar completely. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Alan planned out a systematic and beginner friendly teaching plans for his students, within weeks you can start playing songs and enjoy the charm of guitar which really boosts the confidence of a person that just started learning guitar, you can also choose your favourite songs from the long list of music that is within his teaching syllabus, i love singing and nothing matters more than playing the song i like while i sing, thanks for making that possible man

Unknown said...

I completed 10 lessons and just signed up another 10 lessons cos Alan is an amazing teacher who keeps me interested. It's been a positive experience so far. I appreciate Alan's friendliness and expertise and will recommend him to anyone.

Unknown said...

I have been fooling around with guitar playing for many years, but without real progress. Until I met Alan. He is a real deal and in a short space of two months, I have gained good solid foundation on strumming and changing of chords; and, as a result my interest in learning is rekindled. He is genuinely interested to teach and he did it by dutifully recording each song, played in my presence so that I could take my own time to learn at home. He is simply so hardworking and earnest.

If you are looking for a committed and knowledgeable guitar teacher, look no further as I would highly recommend Alan to you.

I am continuing my lessons, enjoy yours too. Thanks Alan 👍

Albert Yap

Unknown said...

A kind, understanding, fun, talented music teacher. Alan sir is the best music teacher I could have had. I had the intention to learn guitar and play it fro fun and he understood that intention really well and let me learn any songs I wanted to. His way of teaching is also amazing, by simply taking new and interesting songs, he can help you learn so much more in guitar,. He is also very cooperative and patient in helping students. Every class with him is very very fun, he makes it very interesting by cracking jokes and helping you play a new song! I was interesting in guitar when I was 10 and I came to him. I had a blast learning him for 2 years, and stopped after I completed Intermediate level. I came back to him nearly 6 years later and still enjoy his lessons. I look forward to them every week.
If you aspire to become a musician and have an interest in learning guitar, go to Guitarworks!!

Unknown said...

I have learned how to play guitar for about 5 lessons with one of the musical school in Punggol together with another student in the class. After 5 lessons past and I am still not able to strum. But my friend whose under coaching by Alan from GuitarWorks had learned and play well for a few song within 5 lessons.

So I make a decision to change to GuitarWorks. I am very impressed with his own customised course material.

Alan is excellent and patience in his teaching.

After I had completed my 10 lessons and now I am able to play well and confident in my cell group weekly gathering.

Thank you Alan!

Unknown said...

Having no prior music background, I was slightly apprehensive when I first joined Alan's lesson, not knowing how steep the learning curve would be.

Thanks to him, I never felt that learning guitar was beyond my abilities, as I can feel tangible improvement after every session. He puts in effort for every class and is professional throughout. It's always a pleasure to attend his lessons!

Nelson said...

Alan is very patient with his students. From an absolute beginner, I am now able to better appreciate playing the guitar. I can also now play some simple songs on my own, thanks to Alan's kind guidance

Unknown said...

Alan is a very patient teacher who keeps his student's interests in mind when planning for lessons ahead. He does well to ensure his student's continued interest in guitar and definitely brings maximum enjoyment with his lessons!

Unknown said...

If you wonder what is the difference of learning online and having a guitar teacher for a tailored class,, you should absolutely start your lessons with Alan, regardless of what level you are at. Every lesson Alan takes note of details that helped me improve in my skills. He structure my lessons so that I can progressively improve and not just rush into learning new skills. Alan is super friendly and the way he teach during the lesson allow me to relax fully and enjoy each and every session I had! Thank you Alan!

Chew said...

If you looking for a great guitar teacher who encourages you throughout your learning, great patience, knowledgeable and always welcome you with great joy.

If you are looking for a place to unlock your talent in guitar and develop a strong passion in guitar.

Look no further than Guitarworks !!

I am someone who tried many guitar school and none work out except Guitarworks. Try it and experience it, I am sure you will not regret it.

Unknown said...

I have gone through 14 lessons with Alan so far and still currently having guitar lessons with him under the beginner contemporary acoustic pop guitar course :)

Alan is my first guitar teacher and he has been great!! He is committed to teaching the right techniques and is very patient when I am slower in getting the right chords or the strumming pattern, etc. I learn something new every lesson and the course is very well-structured to ensure the learning curve is not too steep. He customizes to my learning ability; he speeds up and slows down according to the amount of help I need. He also takes the time to explain some music theory early during the course so that I have a better understanding about what exactly I am playing, which is really helpful!

Alan is really friendly and keeps the lessons casual and enjoyable. He is very encouraging which motivates me to try harder. He is also genuinely concerned about building his students' guitar; though I was unfamiliar with some songs we went through during lessons, he was really nice and suggested for me to request songs I wanted to learn as well.

Something I am very appreciative about is that he is accommodating to my school schedule. Because of his help, I am able to fit in guitar lessons in my hectic timetable, which is something music schools cannot offer.

Environment-wise, the room has air-con which is always great since Singapore is so hot :D

Overall, I have been enjoying guitar with Alan so far and looking forward to future lessons!


Alan is a great teacher who makes every lesson enjoyable for the student. He is very good in teaching and has the ability to make difficult songs easy to learn. He has a very structured curriculum that can help anyone at any level of guitar mastery to improve their fundamentals

I really gained a lot from his classes and highly recommend his classes for anyone keen to pick up or improve on their guitar skills!

Hebe said...


Lay Mui said...

I took guitar lessons with Alan some time back. He is an attentive instructor who would adjust his teaching to suit the learning needs of the student. Learning guitar had been enjoyable because he is ever so friendly, patient and encouraging.

SiPin said...

I enjoyed alan's beginner class. I love how his lesson is planned. He is patient and encouraging. I always look forward to his lesson every week. Highly recommend.

Tsp said...

Alan is a very patient teacher. He will structure the lessons according to your competency.

- said...

Enjoying my lessons thoroughly with Alan, I appreciate how patient and encouraging he is as a teacher! With one-on-one lessons he is able to guide me based on my individual pace. There are materials he provides to help my practice at home. Communications about scheduling is also clear. Having him as a teacher has made me more enthusiastic and confident about picking up the guitar as a beginner! No qualms about recommending Alan as a guitar teacher :)

zabelz said...

I've had the priviledge of learning my guitar skills from Alan as a beginner and it is Fun-tastic! Loved every classes I had with him and was so happy that he rearranged my favorite song's chords to a more playable level according to my current skill. He is immensely patient in teaching me on the basics of playing guitar and he is very good at pointing out on my bad habits which I greatly appreciate, especially when you are a total beginner.
It has only been almost 3 months of lessons and I must say that I have probably learned more and progressed faster than I have expected of myself thanks to his systematic syllabus which is extremely effective and organized. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to start my guitar journey with Alan and would definitely love to keep learning more skills from him.

Joel said...

Took Program 1: Beginner Contemporary/Mandarin Pop Guitar under Alan. Alan is a very patient teacher, always giving great advice whenever I have any queries. Ive seen real solid improvement since I started my guitar journey under Alan. Provided lots of materials and songs for me to practice. Rates are also very reasonable, especially since its a 1 to 1 lesson. Give Guitarworks a try!

Kian said...

Alan is a very patient and engaging teacher. He is passionate in guitar and have always structured his lesson such that his students will be able to follow at a well paced manner.

I will consider his way of teaching guitar as fun and interactive. He is more of a friend who is always willing to share his experiences and thoughts about guitar and life in general.

My guitar skills have improved greatly from his teaching too. Totally recommend Alan if you’re a beginner or advanced player that is looking for a place to learn and hone your skills.

Ang Chin Xian said...

Alan is a friendly guitar teacher patiently teaches me the fundamentals. He always remind me to keep practising until i can play them well. During the teaching, he will watch me playing and commenting on what i am doing right and suggesting ways to play them better and more easily. Besides, he will play the guitar together with me so i can follow his ways to play.

Unknown said...

Alan, a nice, patient,helpful & compromising teacher. Will share with friends and family members who are interested in Guitar lesson.No regrets for sure.

elijah said...

Alan is a very helpful and patient teacher who will never fail to help me improve my guitar skills. He would not rush me if I was particularly slower in some aspects like the strumming or getting the chords right. Instead he would slow down and explain how to do it. Prior to the lessons I had no musical background but now I can play the guitar confidently. The lessons were also very fun and engaging. They truly were very enjoyable and it helped me to appreciate the guitar a lot more!
Thank you!

James said...

I started lessons with Guitarworks around 4 months ago with no musical background. Alan, my teacher, helped ease the learning curve by building my guitar foundation step by step and according to my pace of learning. The tips and guidance he gave are practical and helpful in improving my skill. Time flies each lesson as I found his lessons to be engaging and enjoyable. This had made me love playing the Guitar more and I am grateful to have found Guitarworks.

yh said...

Alan is a very good teacher and he is very helpful. Whenever I have any question or issue regarding guitar, he will explain patiently and it helps my understanding better. I also felt that my guitar skills have been improved along the way. Would recommend Alan !!!

EV said...

Alan is an incredibly patient and attentive teacher. He provides some of the most practical guidance during the course of lessons so that students would not feel deterred at the learning stage, particularly for someone with zero background. His syllabus is also well thought out to ensure students are able to fully grasp the fundamentals before advancing to more complex songs. Overall a great pleasure and learning experience with Alan! Would highly recommended to anyone looking to pick up the acoustic without much prior knowledge.

NX said...

Alan is very patient and is in-depth with his teachings! He is able to accommodate my learning pace and is always ready to answer my questions. The 1 to 1 session also makes me feel that I’m being focused on and makes the lesson feels worthwhile. My skills have improved and I am now able to play a handful of songs since I joined his lessons about 3 months ago. He is also very flexible and understanding of my busy schedule! :) would recommend for anyone who wishes to learn the guitar!

lily said...

Alan is very friendly and patient person. Always ready to answer my questions. He is also very attentive. I have benefited a lot from teaching ecerything from guitar itself to music. Thank you for the guidance and teaching. Thank you!!

chunhong said...

Alan is a highly talented instructor who has a well defined and structured program. He is also patient and passionate about his teachings. As such, he makes guitar learning easy and fun to follow. Would strongly recommend to students who wish to pick up the instrument.

Sock Keng said...

It's been an enjoyable journey with Guitarworks! Every lesson Alan has been encouraging to spur me on and that makes a slow beginner like me to keep on trying to make it better. Alan's passion and patience can be felt. His wide knowledge of songs has also brought me to the memories of the songs I have listened many years back. He once said this: 'it is okay to be slow, but we should all arrive at the same destination.' Let's continue to enjoy the whole learning journey together!

T said...

Very methodical, well thought out and systematic syllabus to learn the guitar! On top of that, Alan is very patient and makes for a great teacher. Definitely would recommend him to anyone wanting to pick up the guitar. Appreciate him a lot!

peenw said...

Alan is a patient teacher, he taught me how so strum properly when my strumming sounds weird. My hand eye coordination also improved drastically through his lessons.

Through his lessons, i recalled many new nostalgic songs which make me interested in playing.

noriyuki said...

The beginner lessons are very well-structured and helps me build my confidence towards learning the guitar progressively! The lessons cover many mandopop and English songs that I have only vaguely heard here and there, so the lessons open my cultural and musical world so much more! Even though Chinese is not a primary language for me, the lessons make learning Chinese through songs much more fun!

Alan is a great teacher who exhibits all the qualities a beginner student like me would need. Will definitely be continuing my lessons here!

See Wan said...

Appreciate having Alan as my guitar teacher, whose dedication, talent, and mentorship have shaped my guitar journey. His teaching style transcends mere technicality. His ability to simplify complex concepts and break down intricate techniques has made learning the guitar an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. With his guidance, I have discovered the basic skills of guitar strumming. I'm grateful for the invaluable lessons you have imparted.

missy.knightingale said...

Teacher Alan is friendly and patient in guiding students who are new to guitar. His teaching syllabus is unique and developed in a way that is simple and easy for beginners to understand. Focus is mainly hands-on learning the different guitar-playing techniques and applying them into different songs. There is a wide repertoire of songs to learn, including English and Mandarin, as well as old classics and modern ones. Each lesson is progressive which helps to build confidence and skills with time. Music brings calmness in my life and I have to thank Alan for bring a mentor in this journey.

foodblogger said...

I had the pleasure of being taught by Alan, and I must say that he is an incredibly dedicated teacher who truly stands out. From the moment I began taking lessons with him, I knew I was in for something special. Alan's passion for teaching is evident in every aspect of his instruction, making my learning experience truly enjoyable.

Alan goes above and beyond to ensure that each session is not only informative but also entertaining. His innovative and creative teaching approach left me eagerly anticipating each lesson. Thanks to Alan's guidance, I have made remarkable progress in my learning journey. I have had the opportunity to learn and perform an array of songs that I never thought possible in my previous classes.

lwt said...

Alan is a kind and encouraging teacher who is easy to communicate with. He also takes the effort to point out good areas and areas of improvement, noting down which techniques I need to work with and writing them down as reminders. The songs that he has chosen for the syllabus are also popular songs which makes me more motivated to learn guitar, and the syllabus pacing is just nice for me such that it is not too fast but also not too slow that I lose momentum. Looking forward to moving on to the plucking syllabus of the guitar course!

Ben said...

Alan is a very kind, patient and thoughtful teacher. He adjusts lessons pace for each student's progress, and always offer encouraging words and practice tips. He also teaches how to learn on their own, markup notes, and many chord progressions. Very recommended!

Jeffrey said...

I am grateful to have Alan as my guitar teacher. He excels in teaching guitar and is also a kind, patient, and understanding instructor. Alan willingly adjusts his teaching approach to suit the student's current situation, ensuring that the lessons are comfortable and effective. His guidance has also boosted my confidence levels, both as a musician and as an individual. I highly recommend Alan for anyone seeking a skilled and supportive teacher.

Trevor Ng said...

Alan is a really patient and good teacher. The amount of work and preparation he has done for each lesson is truly amazing. I love the amount of structured guidance he gives. I've noticed a significant improvement in my guitar abilities after attending his lessons. Would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning / becoming better in guitar!

Shane said...

Alan is truly a wonderful teacher and friend, I'm so glad to have gotten to know him. This is how music should be taught - structured progression, attention to detail, patient guidance, constructive feedback, confidence-building and most importantly, having fun in the process! As the lessons go by, I've found increasing joy and fulfillment in playing the guitar - learning with Alan constantly inspires me to keep the momentum going!

Frosty said...

I am 27 years old now, started learning guitar under Alan Guitarworks since Nov2023, up till now Jan2024, which is 2 months later, I've learnt playing 27 songs. It was the third lesson that i started learning to play the first song and now i have attended 10 lessons. Still continuing my guitar learning journey. I must say that Alan is a great teacher and is very passionate about playing and teaching guitar. He is very patient, always have that kind and smily face everytime i see him. He has great attention of detail and always point out my mistake accurately for me to pay attention to to fix it and practice more after every lesson. I tried searching for many guitar lessons around my area Bedok before Guitarwork but undoubtedly, it is still the best choice, at least for me, considering the location and price especially for 1:1 guitar lesson for someone to learn in their own pace. In my first guitar lesson, Alan even help to change my guitar string, fixing guitar slot and adjust the guitar for free, in which the usual charging amount is $15. He will also recommend good and high quality accesories to purchase so won't end up buying wrong/unsuitable accessories for guitar. Anyway, always excited and enjoy to learn something new in every guitar lesson. The trial lesson is free, so no lose in giving it a try.😆🎸

Ryu Khor said...

It's been a pleasure learning guitar journey with Alan. He shows great patience with me and always provide advice to me whenever I encounter problem during my learning. I'm a slow learner and does not have a strong foundation in guitar, but Alan will always slow down to explain to me when I'm in doubts and encourage me during the lesson.

It's always my dream to be able to play my favorite song using a guitar. Although I'm still in the process of achieving that goal, but every small improvement I made and new things I learn from the lesson, let me know that it's leading me to that goal. I really enjoyed my lesson with Alan and would recommend to anyone that want to start their guitar learning journey.

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