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Our Students so far...

249. Paul, Anders and Gracia
Paul, Anders and Gracia

248. Lionel Tan

247. Grace Lee
Grace Lee

246. Tay Jun Hao
Jun Hao

245. Ziying & Shawn
Ziying & Shawn

244. Bryant Foong
Bryant Foong

243. Janice & Kelvin
Janice & Kelvin

242. Loreen Ng
Loreen Ng

241. Jolene Chan

240. Darren Sim
Darren Sim

239. Karen Chen

238. Raymond Teng
Raymond Teng

237. Chris Ong
Chris Ong

236. Matthew Chan (photo will be up soon)

235. Jermaine Tan (photo will be up soon)

234. Marcus Lee (photo will be up soon)

233. Steffi, Wen Ting & Yong Siang (photo will be up soon)

232. Jin Ming & Jin Xun (photo will be up soon)

231. Mr Liaw (photo will be up soon)

230. Alice & Justin (photo will be up soon)

229. Gordon Yeo (photo will be up soon)

228. Jing Wen (photo will be up soon)

227. Leon Pereira (photo will be up soon)

226. Angela Lee (photo will be up soon)

225. Neo Mengyang (photo will be up soon)

224. Ivy Chen (photo will be up soon)

223. Eyan

222. Benjamin Ong
Benjamin Ong

221. Melody Kung

220. Zhen Hua
Zhen Hua

219. Bharat

218. Paul Ng
Paul Ng

217. Leong SK
Leong SK

216. Bernard Kok

215. Reagan

214. Joel Lee
Joel Lee

213. Xavier Tan
Xavier Tan

212. Farida Sani
Farida Sani

211. Samuel Zhang

210. Tiffany Fong

209. Anusha

208. Hiow Yim
Hiow Yim

207. Li Shan

206. Boya Wu
Boya Wu

205. Winnie Wong
Winnie Wong

204. Jarrel Lim
Jarrel Lim

203. Phoebe & Aileng
Aileng & Phoebe

202. John Tan

201. Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee

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At Guitarworks, we engage people from all walks of life. If you have passion for playing guitar, we welcome you! Join us...

Yours for music and the glory of Christ,

Alan Chen
Owner & Founder
Mobile: 9755 8432