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Our Students...

315. Janessa Yeong

314. Jessica Neo

313. Justin Ang

312. Hung Chiu
Hung Chiu

311. Chin Yee
Chin Yee

310. Leon Foo

309. Vanessa Yeo

308. Steffi, Wen Ting & Yong Siang
Steffi, Wen Ting & Yong Siang

307. Lysandra Chua

306. Serene Seow

305. Ejazz

304. Marcus Too

303. Sophie Wah

302. Jamie Ang

301. Yew Chin
Yew Chin

300. Jun Kang
Jun Kang

299. Wai Hong
Wai Hong

298. Chris Ong
Chris Ong

297. Sam Tan (photo will be up soon)

296. Chris Chia (photo will be up soon)

295. Gerald Peh (photo will be up soon)

294. Ya Qin (photo will be up soon)

293. Lay Mui (photo will be up soon)

292. Joan Davidson (photo will be up soon)

291. Mei Zhen (photo will be up soon)

290. Vaishali (photo will be up soon)

289. Jean Ng

288. Wah Say

287. Terence Lee

286. Jimmy Chang

285. Helliana Sova

284. Roy Tan

283. Khek Keong

282. George

281. Jerry Soh

280. Joey Tan

279. Matthew Chan

278. Mr Liaw

277. Gordon Yeo

276. Jing Wen

275. Angela Lee

274. Neo Mengyang

273. Ivy Chen

272. Tze Hoon
Tze Hoon

271. Shi En
Shi En

270. Xiu Wei
Xiu Wei

269. Bryant Foong
Bryant Foong

268. Evelyn Sin

267. Wee Fatt
Wee Fatt

266. Alex & Wenyi
Alex & Wenyi

265. Vincent, Sella & Hwee Ping
Vincent, Sella & Hwee Ping

264. Wei Boon
Wei Boon

263. Ying Jie
Ying Jie

262. Jong

261. Grace Lee
Grace Lee

260. Tedric Chai

259. Andrew

258. Nicholas Boey

257. Yue Shan
Yue Shan

256. Rahul

255. Raymond Teng
Raymond Teng

254. Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee

253. Wan Fang
Wan Fang

252. August Lai

251. Carrie Ho

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At Guitarworks, we engage people from all walks of life. If you have passion for playing guitar, we welcome you! Join us...

Yours for music and the glory of Christ,

Alan Chen
Owner & Founder
Mobile: 9755 8432