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Welcome to Guitarworks! My name is Alan, Owner & Founder.

Established in 2010, we started offering guitar lessons in Singapore from a humble beginning. As of Jan 2021, we have taught over 350 students by a single guitar instructor, Teacher Alan. Over the years, we have constantly tailored our lesson syllabus to accommodate more people with different learning needs. Music is not only for the talented or musically inclined, but for all people, young and old.

We strive to make guitar lessons fun, engaging and stress free. It brings us tremendous joy and satisfaction to see students come for guitar lessons and leave with a smile on their faces. Thus, we look forward to help you achieve your goals. For more information, please refer to the navigation panel on your right, or simply contact us.


Free Trial Lessons are AVAILABLE by appointment only. Please check for availability. 

If you have expressed interest, please read through "Contact Us" and "Terms and Conditions".

On a personal note:

This is my story and how Guitarworks started, I hope it will encourage you. Please click here: Personal Testimony

Our Students...

364. Isabelle
private guitar lessons singapore Belle

363. Kian
guitar lessons singapore Kian

362. Si Pin
private guitar lessons singapore Si Pin

361. Andrew
private guitar lessons singapore Andrew

360. Hebe
private guitar lessons singapore Hebe

359. Joel
guitar lessons singapore Joel

358. Faith
guitar lessons singapore Faith

357. Joe
guitar lessons singapore Joel

356. Sophia Kuan
guitar lessons singapore Sophia

355. Brian
private guitar lessons singapore Brian

354. Yue Yue
guitar lessons singapore Yue Yue

353. Jerald Wu
private guitar lessons singapore Jerald

352. Alicia
Guitar lessons Singapore Alicia

351. Mr Tong
Private guitar lessons Singapore Mr Tong

350. Wei Jie
guitar lessons Singapore Wei Jie

349. Jin
private guitar lessons Singapore Jin

348. Clarence
private guitar lessons Singapore Clarence

347. Leo
Guitar lessons Singapore Leo

346. Daniel
Private guitar lessons Singapore Daniel

345. Audrey
guitar lessons Singapore Audrey

344. Desmond
private guitar lessons Singapore Desmond

343. Mr Albert
guitar lessons Singapore Albert

342. Nichole
Guitar lessons Singapore Nichole

341. Davina
Private guitar lessons Singapore Davina

340. Qi Ming
Guitar lessons Singapore Qi Ming

339. James
private guitar lessons Singapore James

338. Vanessa
guitar lessons Singapore Vanessa

337. Mr Quek
guitar lessons Singapore Mr Quek

336. David Loh
private guitar lessons Singapore David

335. Gao Feng
Private guitar lessons Singapore Gao Feng

334. Jeffery Owyong
guitar lessons Singapore Jeffrey

333. Yu Fen
guitar lessons Singapore Yu Fen

332. Siong Lin
Private guitar lessons Singapore Siong Lin

331. Julia Zhou
private guitar lessons Singapore Julia

330. Rong Hui
guitar lessons Singapore Rong Hui

329. Brina
private guitar lessons Singapore Brina

328. Samuel Low
guitar lessons Singapore Samuel

327. Betty Lee
Guitar lessons Singapore Betty

326. Wei Ren
private guitar lessons singapore Wei Ren

At Guitarworks, we engage people from all walks of life. If you have passion for playing guitar, we welcome you to join us...

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