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  1. A very patient andencouraging teacher. Lessons are well prepared and progressively systematic. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who is really keen to learn to play the guitar. Personally I have learned quite a fair bit in just 5 lessons. I find it really impressive. Keep up the GOOD JOB ! Well done !

  2. An encouraging teacher whose lessons are highly effective and well-tailored to each individual's level. His lessons constantly challenge me to improve. And after just 5 lessons, I can feel my fingers becoming more flexible! Given some time, I believe that learning under Alan will take my guitar-playing skills to a whole new level. Well done!

  3. A inspiring and patient teacher who aims to get the best out from his students and keeps my passion for guitar burning even during times when i am struggling with my learning..keep it up Alan !!

  4. A conscientious and hardworking teacher as well as a teacher who will encourage his students in order to bring out the best in them. And patient towards his students allows the students to learn at their own pace and in a better more relax learning environment. Thanks Alan:) -wenqi(ps tat i post using my cg's blog)

  5. Currently halfway through Alan's class! I must say a couple of things that truly impresses me!

    1. Structured approach for lesson progression

    2. A self written and drafted lesson plan!!! <-- That is really the true highlight!!

    3. Consultative approach that helps you0 to achieve your own personal goals

    4. I'm practically late for all my lessons due to work commitments but never did he once

    No doubt the lessons are fun but in order to fully reap the full benefits of the lesson, students are encouraged to do their necessary homework(practice at home)!!

    Alan has a great personality and and is extremely engaging. Highly reccomended for beginners who has absolutely no experience to those who have some experience.


  6. Alan is a very patient guitar teacher and he doesn't "stress" you out when you fail to keep in beat, but he will always be there to encourage and urge you not to give up. His lessons are also very flexible and he never fails to listen to your busy scheldules before making any adjustment. After approx 6 lessons, i've learnt about scaling and soloing in various keys. Eg - A, G and C. I truly believe that he makes a great guitar teacher with the intention of motivating every of his students to strive towards excellence. Given his vast playing experience, i'm sure every student will gain from him!

  7. Been a long time since my last lesson!

    I think Alan is a very conscientious teacher and patient as he gives us room to correct our mistakes. More than just a teacher, he strives to build friendships with us and always does his best to ensure that we are comfortable in learning.

    I like the spontaneity of his lessons as well, and that speaks greatly of how understanding he is. Alan always takes into account our schedules and despite his own packed timings and fatigue, he always tries to ensure we are able to take our lessons on time.

    He never fails to encourage us too and keeps telling us we can do certain things, such as bar chords! He is a great teacher and friend, and I'm sure any student he teaches will be truly blessed. =)

  8. Alan, wonderful. I finally found the time to really type this down. Firstly, just like to say that Alan has been someone who's really understanding and flexible in suiting to my schedules. Many a times, I can been very busy, and hence having a postpone lessons, arranging another time for me.

    His experience and love of teaching guitar has bless me, teaching me various techniques to improve my playing. He's always encouraging and tries his best to teach me. I've gain alot from the sessions with him, wonderful teacher indeed.

  9. Alan,是一位很有耐心、有敏锐洞察力的教导者。他会因人而异,采用不同的方法和方式来教导学生。在学习过程中你不会觉得有压力,而是很轻松也很愉快。
    有人说:“有些教师是天使,有些将学生变成天使”,而Teacher Alan——您两样都是。谢谢你——像天使般的老师——Alan
    God Bless You!!!

  10. Passionate, Good Understanding of music and A music lover.

    That's all i know about him-Alan. Meet him in
    coincident, and find something that i have long
    looking for in learning guitar. He makes
    different, especially the customize course that
    is really beneficial on me.

    After few lesson, i had discover that there is
    a lot more that i can look forward in learning guitar.

    With a good teacher such like Alan, i think
    my guitar skill will be improve tremendously and
    eventually help to improve the quality of music
    during worship service in church.

    For all who interest to discover more
    about guitar, personally i will recommend => Alan!

  11. Have been to quite a few of Alan's class now - about to complete the beginners lesson.

    Here's why hes a fantastic teacher and i would recommend him to anyone seeking to learn guitar:

    >Has a tremendous understanding of guitar and music, able to impart both theory and practical skills

    >well structured lesson plan - which at the same time is not rigid such that he can help explore your interested areas at your own pace

    >conscientious and patient teacher - always make sure that i'm getting my money worth

    >funny and able to make lessons light-hearted at the right time, making sure lessons are never boring or frustrating even if you pluck the wrong string for the 100th time

    ...and so much more that if i continue it will seem like Alan is writing this to advertise himself.

    i will just end with RECOMMENDED!!! (Y)

  12. Alan,是一位很有耐心, 很有爱心的老师, 他对音乐和guitar有一团不灭的火和热忱!!

  13. I am currently halfway through the beginner's contemp course with Alan. He has been a very encouraging teacher who has gone out of his way to make the lessons more engaging and fun.

    He does his best to motivate me and takes the effort to ensure that I am comfortable with the lesson pace as well as objectives.

    Despite having already prepared lesson plans, he does not rigidly stick to these plans and spices things up by introducing songs of interest to me.

    It is also not just about the music we strum or pluck, his passion for guitar and its music shows clearly when he speaks of the instrument itself.

    A patient, fun and engaging teacher with boundless enthusiasm and passion for his craft. Alan is a wonderful teacher who will benefit anyone.

  14. A brother who is really patient and encouraging. He makes every lesson fun and progressive. He makes playing guitar easy to learn. Despite having other past guitar teachers, I never felt really comfortable or looking forward to the next lesson like Alan's. Even though I live really far (west), I never mind the distance to travel to his house for lessons. He helped me improve much and stir my motivation to play my guitar more and hopefully in the future, play as good as him, hahas.

  15. Just started learning guitar with Alan and never regretted finding his website online (: He's a really patient and motivated guitar teacher, and never fails to encourage his students during guitar lessons. Furthermore, he takes the time to understand and communicate with his students better, and often gathers feedback about his lessons to constantly improve upon them.

    From the first lesson onwards, I could tell that he was an individual who had a true passion in guitar, and this passion was contagious, which made me look forward to every lesson as well.

    Thanks Alan hehehe :D

  16. I knew Alan since secondary school. A great pal of mine in the same CCA. Heard that he started teaching guitar and hey I had an old guitar in my closet and had not touched it for years. So I rang up, and wanted to learn playing again.

    He is very accommodative to my needs and had always been motivating me to press on and learn more. He is patient and often shares his wide knowledge of guitar both technically and theoretically.

    If you are looking for a guitar teacher, no doubt Alan is the one. With his passion, I am sure you will never regret!!!

  17. An encouraging and patient teacher who always motivates me to do better every lesson. Alan makes every lesson fun and easy to learn.
    Thanks !:D

  18. Great teacher and a great fren i can sae.. being very patient and encouraging towards students learning from basic. Lessons are interesting as he is willin to teach everything he knows thru the yrs of his hardworks. i'll definitely recommend my frenz if anyone is keen to learn. Thanks alot... cheers!! n_n

  19. Alan is a very nice teacher. I have learnt alot under his teaching and his lessons are flexible and tailor-made for me. he is a very encouraging teacher.

  20. Alan is a very patient teacher. I've learnt a lot of things about the guitar that I missed out on. Even though I am slow in learning the theory basics and requires a lot of explanation to understand it, he explains them slowly and clearly. Great thing is the lesson timing is flexible, and it's arranged according to my time schedule which is not often offered in most guitar lessons out there.

    I'll definitely recommend this to my friends who are interested in learning the guitar.

  21. Alan is a great guitar teacher and also a great person to hang out with. He is very skilled in not just the music thoery part of guitar but also on the practical parts of playing the guitar. He is a an unassuming and humble person with an awesome personality. Although i started off being not very confident in earning the basics, after 6 lessons , i feel that i have definitely improved and can say that i enjoy playing the guitar now ! Thanks Alan ! :)

  22. alan is an understanding and warm person who accommodates his students. he is more than a teacher, letting us in on his personal life as well. there is not a time when he is in a bad mood during lessons. approachable and passionate about his work, alan is a source of inspiration to others =)

  23. Alan is an excellent guitar teacher that is both patient and understanding. He explains the theory basics thoroughly and takes effort to compile notes for us students. He is passionate about teaching guitar and guides you along patiently even if you are a slow learner. After 5 lessons, i improved tremendously under his coaching. He is definitely a good guitar teacher.

  24. A wonderful mentor and friend.

    Alan is very patient and comprehensive with his teaching. He is a very patient encourages you every step of the way. I have learnt much from him and his method makes it easy for me to practice at home.

    Also, he never once pressured me for the fees I had difficulties paying but instead told me just to attend lessons first and pay him when I could.

    It has been a great pleasure knowing him and being taught by him.

  25. Alan很善于观察每个学生的个性,根据不同特点制定出相应的plan,让我们的学习过程气氛相当轻松,同时也调动我们学习的积极性,让整个教学的时间事半功倍
    跟Alan学习guitar已经好几堂课了,也学会了四首曲子,通过自己的手弹出好听的旋律,这种感觉真棒!Thank you, Alan.

  26. Alan is a great, encouraging and cheerful teacher. He is someone who not give you pressure when you makes any mistake. He will guide you patiently.

    Having just 5 lessons, i can see the wonderful progress i have achieved. I have 3 other guitar teacher before Alan, but i only managed to play 2 songs and never progress further. Have wanted to give up guitar until I met Alan and He gave me confidents and hope that i can play the guitar well.

    He is very passionate about guitar and willingly guide all his students. During my 5th lesson, I asked him to help me write 2 songs chords and to teach me in the next lesson, He waste no time by writing down on the spot and recorded it for me, so that i can practice before my next lesson!

    A teacher i would recommend to my friends who wish to learn and pick up guitar.

  27. Merry said...

    Alan is a very patient guitar teacher.
    With his patient you can feel progress on every lesson you attended.

    From the first 2 lessons of basic struming and basic theory to the 4-5 lessons you will be able to sing and play guitar at the same time I feel so amazing! This is really encougring, that will make me look forward to the next lesson, as everytime I will have suprise on my progress.

    Lesson is one to one, you have the full attention during the lesson, he is very focus and never hesitate to encourage the student.
    To choose a right teacher is really important. :)
    Really enjoy, every lesson I had; totally no pressure and it's a recharged from the work day.
    Discover new interest, is totally a booster in life.

    Thanks Alan :D

  28. A patient teacher who will not pressure you even if you are making mistake. He will try to explain your mistake and how to avoid making such mistake. In addition, he will encourage you.

    Unlike my other guitar teachers, he will not flaunt his guitar skills. Instead he will guide you along the way. He also provides a comfortable environment for learning, making learning guitar a fun thing to do.

    Being his student, one will definitely be able to see his passion for guitar and his commitment in passing on this skill.

  29. im glad i found alan to pick up learning once again. been playing for so long but after a while i didnt know how else to improve on my own so i went ahead with him. lessons are at a comfortable pace and i definitely am enjoying the informal setting where i can ask and try and fail. i also like the flexibility with lessons so i can take a longer time in betweeen lessons should i need more time to practise what i have learnt. i think its also important that your teachers are your friends too and alan is definitely a friend more than a teacher. i would encourage anyone unsure to check this guy out and see how you can improve from wherever you are. cheers alan. gordon

  30. It has been a pleasure learning guitar from Alan, he is definitely the teacher to find to learn and pick up the basics of guitar fast. Not only is he an adept guitar teacher, he is genuinely caring and interested in each of the students, which mirrored his patience and dedication to teaching.

    His lessons are well prepared and well paced with notes of great effectiveness to help you understand the course and practice at home.

    I have nothing but praise for his professionalism and knowledge in music and guitar.

    I strongly commend Alan for his efforts and encouraging attitude towards teaching.

  31. Alan is sincere and nice teacher who is very encouraging too. He is able to customize the speed of the teaching according to my strength and weakness in specific parts of the course. No questions are too silly for him and he will explain the answer patiently. Enjoying every lesson still!

  32. Jia lin
    Alan is a knowledgable teacher. He always points out my mistake and corrects them instantly and ensure that I won't make the mistake again. He is extremely encouraging. The pace of the lessons are just tight. His time is also very flexible. He would answer my questions and won't be annoyed if I asked too much. He is really patient. Although I have only attended several lesson, I could see that he is a very dedicate teacher. I truly enjoyed the lessons with him.

  33. Alan is a really great teacher! He's very patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. With a rich music theory background, he gives extra tips to music and chord progressions. He is always encouraging and always ready for every lesson with materials and reviews. and what's great about the lesson is that he is very passionate about his music and teaching, so one doesn't just learn guitar but also catch on a love and appreciation for music! I found myself progressing quickly and I thoroughly enjoy his lessons. Thanks Alan!

  34. all right, I happened to know one thing or two about being a teacher from NIE :D and there were a few criteria to be confirmed when I was looking for a good guitar teacher
    1. Does the teacher know well about the subject(i.e. guitar we are talking abt)?
    2. Does the teacher know well about what my need is?
    3. Does the teacher know well about fun teaching? (coz I personally can't tolerate boringness >_<')
    4. Does the teacher have an enjoyable face to look at? (lol... this one was a bonus criterion!)

    Anyway, Alan proved to me "YES" for all the above questions. I think he could have been given a certificate with distinction from NIE already. Well done, teacher, keep up the good work!:D

  35. 3 months back, I was still strolling through this website..looking at the reviews from other students..deciding whether to take up guitar from this guy.

    Now, here i am, as a student from guitarworks, giving my own set of reviews of Alan, after been through few lessons with him.

    Indeed, as review-ed by other students, he is a patient & encouraging teacher with a passion for music. He made lesson fun & interactive.

    Frankly speaking, it wasn't easy to teach a beginner, especially one with no music background. He adjusted to my pace & push me to do better. As not every method works on the same person,he tried different ways to make things work for me & that is what i do appreciate. -Thank you-

    So, for those beginners out there still hesitating whether to take up from him, dont worry..he's not fierce & his lessons arent boring. you wont feel stress out. (:

  36. Alan is an amazing instructor. Being an experienced guitar player, Alan has concrete knowledge about the instrument and is able to cater to needs of different students with different levels of music background and pace of learning.

    Unlike commercialized music schools, Guitarworks highlights the passion for guitar playing. Alan is therefore patient and accommodating to ensure that his students benefit from the program. Alan also accedes to requests of learning songs beyond those included in his 10-lesson program without reluctance.

    If you're looking for a good instructor to learn some good guitar, look no further :)

  37. It is no exaggeration to say that I have improved by LEAPS and BOUNDS under Alan's tutelage!

    This has much to do with the user-friendly and comprehensive manual he has designed for student use, and also the comfortable learning environment he has created. Under Alan's one-on-one training, you will not be afraid of making mistakes; at the same time, you will be given the skills to soar!

  38. Alan is a most patient teacher, and he customizes the lesson to You. Its been great learning to enjoy the guitar under him, and I look forward to more lessons yet.

  39. There is nothing fanciful at the home office from which Alan operates. What you find is a simple man who is passionate about creating music through his instrument. You know you're in for a treat when your teacher shows you something he just learnt that week. There is a yearning to constantly improve himself and thereafter impart what he had mastered. Alan is also an encourager by God's grace, often reassuring you that the art that he performs along the fret is not too far away. Nibble fingers come by self-practice and when you do get them, you will learn to make wonderful music under his directions.

  40. Patience, Friendship, Flexibility, Helpful.
    4 key factors to enrich your guitar lessons with Alan.
    You can look forward for a significant improvement in your guitar skills.
    He is really helpful to an extend that I don't expect people to be!
    He is kind of annoying sometimes, especially when he asked you to do a review on him.

  41. Allan is very encouraging and patient with my guitar experience.
    Finding a teacher is easy but not a coach. I have seen lots of people who are talented in guitar but not many can
    impart like Allan. I am very blessed to have found him to guide me in my learning.


  42. I have been taking the intermediate contemporary guitar lessons and i am now transiting to his advanced classes. Personally, i feel that Alan is a fantastic instructor because not only does his teaches you according to the lesson plan, he would also offer various tips and insights on how to learn better based on his personal experiences. Furthermore he never fails to entertain your questions pertaining to the guitar even if it is not within the syllabus and he most definitely does not patronize you but instead answers your question as substantially as possible. The reason why i started picking up lessons : i have been playing simple tabs and some basic chords. After awhile, i felt that i was not getting anywhere, i do not know much about guitar theory and i do not understand the instrument at all. For eg, i know that i have to press on the specific frets on the fret board to achieve these set of chords but i do not understand the reasoning behind it. Basically i was stuck and was learning blindly. However after attending few of his lessons i realized that the guitar is a really fascinating instrument and there is so much more to it than chords and tabs. Apart from his expertise in 1-1 coaching, he is very flexible and willing to help you attain the goals that you want to achieve for yourself. As long as you are willing to put in effort and learn, your guitar skills will definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

  43. Alan is a very encouraging and inspiring teacher. What i enjoy most is the personalised class which tailors to my own needs. Besides his fantastic skills, what I really appreciate is his patience in teaching, even if i made a lot minor mistakes, he will still keep practising together with me without any complaint. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who loves music and want to learn guitar.

  44. Alan老师是个玩吉他有10年高手了哦!他教的课程蛮有趣的也不会难学习,只要每天练习和不放弃一定能学会吉他的!吉学习吉他是能够让心里平静和满足也能弹和唱出个人的感受哦!希望你也能够来学习能够弹奏出丰富多采的吉他音符哦~^_^

  45. Alan is very patient and encouraging throughout my lessons. He will know where is my weakness and can pinpoint the areas that I need to improve on. The lessons are also customised according to the speed of my progress. An excellent guitar teacher for anybody! Alan, good job and keep up these postive attributes!

  46. Alan makes learning the Guitar a joy. He is sincere in wanting the best for his students and it shows from the get go.
    Lessons are not only well planned out but also full of tidbits on how to progress further like exercises on chord pressing so that students build fast on the basic skills they need to play without much difficulty.
    I am personally grateful to Alan for his patience, as I’m a very nervous student.
    He manages to always calm me down and get me to the next level.
    I recommend Guitarworks to anyone out there looking to pick up guitar playing Because a good foundation teacher is important to keep you interested and not give up during times of difficulty. Alan has done that for me and so much more.
    There is something to be said about a teacher when his students look forward to their weekly lesson.
    Alan is one of them.

  47. I traveled from Ang Mo Kio to Bedok just to learn acoustic guitar from passionate, skillful and helpful teacher. Alan can adjust the learning pace according to my pace, sometimes when I found some difficulties Alan helped to slow down and pin point the right technique, and when things are simpler Alan speed up to encourage me to pick up the right speed to.
    I was very fun and enjoyable experience. Thanks Alan :)

  48. Alan is greatz!!! Good teacher, good advisor and good friend.

    He never fails to encourage his students during the lesson, especially for me. As I always make the mistakes. Hehe... "No stress. Relax.. relax..." This is what he always talks to me. He makes the lesson in a very easy way. Now, I can hum rhythm or music while playing guitar. I like the teaching atmosphers. =)

    Well. I can't wait for my next lesson. Em7 G Dsus4 A7sus4 strumming and strumming... Yea. It is great pleasure to know him and being taught by him. Thanks Mister Alan. See ya.

  49. Alan is a great teacher! He's extremely patient and was willing to cater to my unique learning requirements. I highly recommend him!

  50. I will finish the beginner level in next week. To me Monday excites me since I schedule my guitar class on Monday. Alan is a very patient teacher and he will always encourage me when my fingers're struggling on the strings. Just after a couple of lessons I can start to play several songs and chords and find some songs playing on my own. He not only teaches the basic techniques and also helps me to find the patterns in music. I'm so glad I attend this class and really thank Alan!!

  51. I always look forward to my guitar lessons because Alan is a really patient, sincere, and encouraging instructor. He provides good advice and tips on how I can improve on my technique, and able to modify the lesson plan to suit my progression. He plays very well too, and I hope I can learn how to play like him one day!

  52. I really enjoyed the guitar lessons conducted by Alan. He's a really patient teacher! I've been wanting to pickup guitar lessons for quite some time already. Until I found Guitarworks on the internet! I am really looking forward to every guitar lessons. These lessons are really fun and useful for me. Through these lessons, i've learnt how to play a number of songs & also the chords. Im really satisfied with how im progressing and how Alan is guiding me through ! (: I have a passion in guitar now!

  53. When learning guitar is mentioned, most people will feel that it is going to be very hard. However under the fantastic guidance of Alan, he makes every session a enjoyable one. The kind of patience he showed and the detailed teaching method, makes your learning fast and easy.
    Time flies during every session, how I would wish to have another 1 more hour.

  54. Elizabeth Lizhen GohAugust 6, 2012 at 11:03 PM

    Alan is a very passionate teacher. He loves the guitar and is knowledgable about it. He plays the instrument really well, I find it very inspiring! He is humorous and his classes are never boring! What really impresses me is he writes his own curriculum, which is easy to understand and structured. I personally like it when he set goals after every lesson, it helps in the learning process and I must say, it is very important to do homework - practice at home!!! I'm moving into my 10th session with Alan and I'm so thankful from not knowing anything about the guitar, I can now play my fave worship songs and sing as I play. All these is not possible without Alan's patient guidance and correction along the way! Thumbs up! If you are looking for a guitar teacher, he is the one!

  55. When I was browsing the internet looking for a guitar teacher, I found Alan's website very impressive. After i've met up with Alan for my daughter's 1st trial leasson, I found him a sincere and responsible teacher. Alan is a very patient and fun teacher. My daughter really enjoys his guitar lessons, she progressed fast after her 1st few lessons and now is progressing to another level.

  56. Thanks for being incredibly patient and encouraging with my clumsy hands that cannot coordinate and especially when I lose patience with myself. I like it that you would ask for and listen to my opinions when you teach so it's not just a one-way teaching. I had choice to learn what I was interested in and that kept it fresh for me. You would notice the way I learn and modify the way you teach- not every teacher can pick that up in such a short time. But I guess what you, as a teacher, does the best is being inspiring! It's great to see my teacher enjoy what he teaches and being all geeky about his 'girlfriends'. Thanks for being awesome I really enjoyed the lessons :)

  57. Enjoy Alan lessons alot alot... Before the start of the lesson... i will always request Shifu to play songs i heard somewhere.. N the most amazing thing is Shifu will play the songs exactly the same way... Really envy his talent... A very patience n caring Shifu i must say.. Sadly because of work commitment i have to stop my lessons with Shifu for awhile... :(

  58. Alan has been a very patient and encouraging teacher. He is really sincere in his approach, which helps to set the student at ease. Even though I had no previous encounter with the instrument, I was comfortable following his teaching pace. I am glad to have made the right decision in seeking Alan's guidance.

  59. Alan老师 is extremely patient and very very encouraging. He is also very meticulous and detailed, giving me written instructions in case I forget everything when I go back. Every week, I look forward to what's new he has to teach me. I get a lot more motivation learning from him as compared to self-learning and I have became much more disciplined. I have experience great improvement in my learning ever since I started lessons with Alan 老师. I strongly encourage you to take lessons from him if you want to learn how the play the guitar effectively! :)

  60. i enjoy the weekly lessons that i've had with Alan, and also hearing from what he shares. he's also very sincere in teaching and i like how he will try his best to answer any questions that i have (or if he also don't know, do research etc)

    Alan is also very encouraging and reassuring, so learning from him is not something stressful. But at the same time, what he teaches is also difficult enough to be challenging so that i don't stick to the easy stuff. Thus i find that in the past few weeks, i have really improved as a guitarist. Thanks bro!

  61. Personally, i enjoy attending his weekly lessons. His flexible timings accommodates for my hectic and erratic work schedule.

    Erudite is one word you can describe Alan when i comes to guitar. He has a systematic but yet unorthodox way of teaching which makes learning more conducive and interesting. He is a passionate and patient mentor who always has his students' best interests in mind.

  62. i always thought its easy to pick up guitar by yourself. but for those who lacked self motivation, going to guitar class is the best way to pick up the basic skills.

    thanks to Alan, playing the guitar is purposeful and fun as he is a passionate teacher who knows his craft very well. Under his guidance, common mistakes were tackled, pratical learning was made easy through practising of chords in songs that i want to learn. He listens to what i want to learn and achieve, and encourages me to be better.

    thanks alan! keep up the good work the Lord is putting in your hands :)

    28th nov 2012

  63. Thanks Alan for being a patient and engaging teacher. Your passion for guitar has really inspired me to take guitar to a next level. I always look forward to your next lesson. I will definitely recommend Alan to family and friends who are interested to learn the guitar.
    Cheers! Kester

  64. Alan is a passionate, patient and adaptable teacher. Despite facing numerous difficulties during the lessons, he tries his best to correct my mistakes and encourages me to persevere on. By introducing various songs and guitar tips along the way, he constantly teaches guitar in a fun and interesting manner. I have benefited greatly from his lessons, learning things that are impossible with the self-learning route.
    Thank you very much!
    Jia Jing

  65. Alan have been a passionate guitar teacher that never fail to equip me with the necessary skills in the shortest time possible. His teaching ways have also proven to be effective such as how my speed of changing between chords improved tremendously though his special selection of songs for practice. Definitely a good recommendation to keen learners.
    Thank you!


  66. Alan is great tutor who is passionate and patient with the student and always ensure that the student would learn something new for every lesson.

    To me, Alan is more than a teacher but also a friend whom I enjoy meeting every week for lessons and also to share about our lives. He has made my weekends of my army life much happier as he could understand how I feel and allowed me to learn something useful out of the small spare time I have.

    Definitely a good teacher and approaching him to start taking lessons was the best thing I ever did to help myself learn better!

    With Thanks,
    Poh Peng, Ric

  67. Alan is a passionate tutor who really loves music and guitar. He teaches using his experience which helps greatly in learning. He is also willing to listen to your requests and problems and try to help you improve your understanding and playing. I enjoy his dedication as well as the conversations about each others life apart from guitar.

  68. Many thanks to Alan for his patiene and encouragement during my 1st 10 lessons with him. He got talent and I will recommend to whoever looking for a good guitar teacher. I am going to sign up another learning session with Alan to continue my guitar learning journey.

    From : Lionel Low

  69. Many thanks to Alan, learning to play the guitar has been an enjoyable journey thus far. Personally I've tried to learn from YouTube videos and taken some lessons from CC but was going nowhere. After his lessons, I think I have made pretty good progress! I like the fact that his lessons are structured in a way to suit your pace and needs. He has always been encouraging and patient in his teaching, hence making his lessons stress-free. He would point out and correct some bad habits which is good for anybody seriously looking to pick up guitar. Let him know what songs you would like to learn and he will do his best to teach you. Thumbs up! :)


  70. Impression of Alan from 1st lesson til now....motivated, talented, caring, understanding, observant and last but not least, wonderful as a teacher as well as a friend. Lesson is fun and easy, but hard work and practice plus guided mentoring makes playing guitar enjoyable. Strongly recommend him to anyone who wish to attend guitar lesson. One of the best around, all the best and thanks Alan!

    Ric Soh

  71. Alan has been very patient with me since the very first session. During the initial theory lessons when I find it challenging to comprehend certain terms, he will always try to explain in a different way to ensure that I fully grasp the idea of what he is teaching and more importantly, he never complains. Besides that, am also appreciative of him having to accommodate to a timing that works better for me, at times when I need to make changes to our original schedule. I thank God for His hand on this life and I trust that God will continue to use this willing vessel to touch more lives for the increase of His Kingdom. Would definitely continue with the lessons with Alan and would surely recommend him to anyone who would want to learn or improve on the skills of playing the guitar!

  72. For me the most important highlight is that the lessons are catered to individual learning pace and the lesson timings are flexible, very good for working adults. Will definitely recommend to my friends who are interested in learning guitar!

  73. Friendly, accomodating and patient teacher. Caters to individual requests. Teaching method proven effective. Would recommend to anyone interested in learning guitar.

  74. I enjoy going to Teacher Alan's lesson. He is a very kind and nice teacher. He is also very thoughtful as he will spend time to answer whatever question you ask him. You will be his first priority if you go to his lessons. I bet you will like it.He is the best teacher I ever met. HE'S A NICE GUY! You will really really really love him after he had taught you for a few lessons! :)

  75. I like to go to your lesson because you will teach me very nicely. You will not shout at me when I cannot do something you want me to do. Everything you teach me will be in my mind forever!!! :p

  76. Alan is a very encouraging instructor and Guitarworks program is well-structured and easy to follow. I was strumming along from the very first lesson. I always look forward to my lessons with Alan.

  77. When I first joined Guitarworks, I only knew the basics, but after a few lessons, I picked up other skills like strumming and plucking very fast, I believe it is not only my hard work but it is also Alan being very patient towards me, and if I still didn't get it, he would continue to explain in a very elaborated manner very patiently, and thanks to him, i am now equipped with more knowledge and skills on guitar. He is a very passionate christian too, during lessons, i can sometime share with him what I'm going through in life, and he would give me advice and sometimes share with me Christianity related stuff. Everybody should sign up for his classes, if not it would be such a waste :)

  78. Alan has been a very patient, understanding and detailed teacher. What caught my eyes about Guitarworks is the structured approach in teaching and the fact that there are lessons specially catered for gospel worship. Despite my busy work schedule, I always look forward to my lessons. I've also come to realize that the lessons are so engaging that 1 hour is sometimes not enough! I would strongly recommend anyone serious about learning guitar to learn from Alan as you will benefit lots from it.

  79. Alan is a patient and very motivated instructor. It's my first time touching the guitar and he always encouraged me not to give up. His course start from the basic that make you want to learn n find out more about guitar. I felt so proud when I can strummed a song. Thanks to Alan for helping me to achieve this.

  80. Alan makes learning guitar an easy task. In just 1 course, I'm able to strum and pick songs which is pretty amazing. Recommended If you want a quick way to pick up guitar.

  81. Alan is patient and his explanations are clear. The learning curve was steep for me and I picked up in no time. Definitely highly recommended. I would like to thank Alan for patiently tuning my lau pok guitar and bringing it back to life!

  82. Learning how to play the guitar at Guitarworks is a joy in itself due to the relaxed atmosphere Alan instills. While there are concrete outcomes, there is never any pressure to reach that goal by a certain lesson, and instead the experience is enhanced through a friendly instructor who is more than happy to answer any questions you may have - silly or otherwise. Additionally, learning with a friend is in no way disadvantageous as Alan is able to juggle 2 students of varying musical experience without breaking a sweat. In this regard, he is able to make a total novice like me feel positive when matched up to my guitar buddy who has had several years of being in a school band under her belt. All in all, the total sum of studying at Guitarworks makes this a thoroughly enjoyable learning journey that relaxes rather than stresses the beginning (or advanced) guitarist! Two thumbs up.

  83. Lessons are well-structured and the pace is tailored for my learning. Helped me as a beginner to kick start playing the guitar.

  84. I am learning guitar for the first time and am having a great experience.

  85. Alan is a patient and accommodating instructor. I find the video taping sessions very useful as we can practice on our own at home. This really helps to speed up the learning process. Thanks Alan!

  86. Alan is affable, sincere and very accommodating. Lessons are well planned with detailed programs yet carried out in a relaxed and informal setting. Learning is carried out at my own pace. I highly recommend Alan to anyone who wishes to learn guitar.

  87. Alan is a caring and patient guitar teacher who puts in his utmost effort to impart his knowledge and skills to his students. He is able to relate to his students well and engage the students in his lessons. He also provide very helpful tips in mastering the skills taught to play the guitar. His lessons are well planned and progressive. Overall, Alan's guitar lessons are enjoyable and definitely useful in learning the appropriate skills to play the guitar.

  88. Alan is a very patient and encouraging teacher who builds a strong bond with his students. He tailors his lessons to your pace of learning so that the lesson will be effective and enjoyable. Emphasis of strumming rhythms in the beginner's course that enables you to play many pop songs. Songs provided were also coherent with the teaching materials.

    It was the best choice ever choosing Guitarworks as the lessons given were very enjoyable and stress-free. I would definitely recommend all beginners/advance players to choose Guitarworks!

  89. It has been a pleasure learning from Guitarworks. Alan is very patience & delicated teacher, he is always willing to teach more at the student's request. He is also a resourceful n innovative teacher, some of his teaching methods are innovative & interactive which makes it easier for students to learn. His enthusiasm & vast knowledge/skills of guitar give assurance to the students that he is capable of leading them in the correct way of picking up the instrument. Thanks Alan

  90. Alan is a patient and understanding teacher. He acknowledges that we all have busy schedules and tries to accommodate whenever he is able to. When I had to leave the country repeatedly during a period of time, he was understanding and we worked out a flexible schedule. He makes allowances for his students and does not rush the learning process. Lastly, he recognises that everyone has different learning capabilities and is meticulous and patient when teaching.

  91. It's great being able to learn from Alan as he teaches guitar with focus on worship songs. He has been nice to flex on the time when our schedule doesn't match. Also, he has been rather patient and encouraging when we face chords and strumming patters which we take a longer time to master. Glad that we can learn from these customized lessons.

  92. No worries. You are doing great. Tim is enjoying learning from you and enjoying the learning process. Though I can't be as fast, I'm glad that I can now play a few tunes to at least fulfill my wish to learn a musical instrument. You have been patient and kind to accommodate me :)

  93. Alan is a very patient instructor and adapts to his student's abilities. He is also very accommodating in his lessons. This is especially important to me as I travel very frequently for my job.

  94. I have learned informally to play the guitar during my younger days but have stopped playing for a long while, when I chanced upon Alan's Guitarworks website. After the 1st trial lesson, I immediately signed up for Alan's 10 weeks Intermediate course.

    Alan is a patient and encouraging instructor or coach and I have improved tremendously in terms of mastering the 4 major types of strumming patterns (intermediate course) and with that, I am able to play (strumming and plucking) along on my guitar with most Christian worship songs (Hillsong type of worship songs) and even English (Paradise by Coldplay, More than Words by Extreme etc.) and Mandarin Pop Songs (解脱, etc. )

    Another major plus point about Alan's course is that it was highly customized to my needs. A few words of advice though - as in any new learning, in order to improve, we have to practice the new learned skills consistently till it becomes 2nd nature before we progress further.

    In summary, I would recommend Alan as a guitar instructor to anyone who is keen to learn the guitar and put in the hard work (especially for newbies) to practice regularly. I have just completed my 10 weeks Intermediate course and would definitely go back to him for adhoc lessons where necessary.

  95. Hi teacher thank you for your patience in ensuring that I know how to play the different strumming. Always so helpful and willing to teach me how to play my favourite worship songs. Thank you teacher and God bless you.

  96. Alan is a very patient and encouraging teacher. Having attended his lessons for a while now I really appreciate that he is always able to empathize with the difficulties faced by students but at the same time also offer great advice on how to improve. Would say he is probably one of the best teachers you can start with because he takes the stress of learning away and makes it enjoyable!

  97. I have a lot of friends around me who can play guitar very well and I have tried to learn bits and pieces from them. Unfortunately, due to the lack of systematic approach, encouragement as well as personalized way of coaching and tight timetable, I gave up pretty fast. I always consider myself belong to the group of “tone-deafness” people.

    To be honest, I didn't have much expectation when I first started my lesson with Alan. I would expect myself to give up pretty fast due to the lack of sustainable passion. Surprisingly, within the 2-3 weeks I have discovered my love for guitar. Unlike my friends, who would tell me complex theories in detail for every action I performed on my guitar, Alan instead just brush through these. Years of experience allows him to tell which is important for beginners to know and he would just teach you to a point where it is sufficient to play but would not cause confusion. Deeper insight will be given as you progress through his lesson plan. There is no information-overload. I like this kind of approach because I am able to enjoy music in the most fundamental form. Alan would ask me to use my sense to feel the music rather than using complicated theories to explain. I am able to quickly pick up the basics and play a few songs in just 2 weeks.

    Looking back, I find it rather amazing that I am able to step out of my comfort-zone to pick up an instrument. Alan is a great teacher and mentor who will help you to re-discover your potential. Keep up the good works and God bless !

  98. From preparing his own syllables to teaching and guiding a total newbie on how to start playing guitar, the feeling is really amazing. Being someone who is meticulous and observance, Alan will provide useful advises on how to further improve and accelerate the learning. With clear and concise instruction given, learning from Alan is really a pleasure. I would recommend my friends and others who would like to pick up guitar to Guitarworks.

  99. I have been playing the guitar for roughly 10 years and wanted to learn something more in-depth. Then I googled for guitar lessons and came across guitarworks. I went for a trial lesson, explained what i wanted and immediately he piqued my interest by what he was going to teach and how he structured the course. His teaching consist of music theory, then from theory to practical, practical back to theory, rhythm, finger picking style, scales and song practice, all in a package that I need. He also gave me valuable advice on how to approach songs by listening to the beat and rhythm, then turn them to acoustic. Further, he is quite flexible on the timings and schedule for lessons. What more could I ask for!

  100. Alan is a patient and engaging guitar instructor. He is a very humble person and would not scold you when you make any mistakes. Instead he will slowly go through with what went wrong and how to remedy the error. Overall, i believe he is a good guitar instructor!

  101. Alan has a personalised approach of teaching. He makes sure his students get it right in terms of techniques and other aspects. His notes are specially made by himself and are extremely useful during the learning process. Not only is he great when it comes to teaching, he is also open to many suggestions from his students. He never fails to make his students feel relaxed and cozy whenever we visit his place for lessons. He is definitely the guy to go for when it comes to learning the instrument as learning would be made enjoyable and given the fact that he is definitely credible for the job. Given the fact that most or all his students never regret coming for his lessons, his experiences in the field should therefore not be doubted.

  102. Alan is a friendly and patient tutor who has guided me through my learning process. He has taught me a lot about music, both in theory and practical, which has shaped me into a better guitar player. Alan plans his lessons and has a well structured approach in teaching guitar to his students. He tries his best to clear any doubts i have in the simplest way possible. Alan is a great teacher and i believe many would share the same sentiments as me.

  103. Hello,

    If you are reading this and still thinking if you should sign up for Alan's lesson, please do not hesitate anymore and just go for it. You will definitely not be disappointed.

    Alan is a very knowledgeable guitar teacher which will guide you through his lesson patiently, making sure you understand every key important detail and concept. With easy to follow notes and good teaching provided by him, it's hard not to improve in a short period of time (provided you practice on your own as well). He will also pay attention to spot your bad habits, highlight them to you and corrects it, writing them down for you so that you will be reminded not to repeat it again. The golden plus point is that he even add singing to his guitar lessons which is totally out of his teaching scope.

    From day 1 of being a complete newbie till now, I can gradually feel my confidence in playing the guitar and i know i can achieve a greater level with his guidance.

    More than a teacher, he is also a friend, sharing his personal testimonials to inspire and encourage me.

    Though i was hesitant in taking up lessons from a complete stranger at first, I am glad i took the first step. Now looking forward to every single guitar lesson each week.

    Thanks Alan.

  104. Coming to an end of my beginner program. Alan has been really patient with me, always helping and guiding me when I am stuck in certain areas. He took the time to find out what are the songs I listened to so that he can teach them to me. He simplified and explain the steps he used and deliver his lesson in an easy and comfortable manner.

    He is definitely a good teacher! I've learnt a lot from him in just a few lessons. Another plus point is, very flexible lesson timing. He has always been able to accommodate to my schedule. With a detailed and carefully planned lesson plan, one can definitely complete the program equipped with new knowledge!

  105. Alan has been very patient in teaching the basics of guitar and provided me a step by step method to learn the skills properly and correctly.

    Every week was an enjoyable lesson to me. Thus, I always look forward to the next lesson to learn something new.

    In short, I have learnt the basics of guitar easily from Guitarworks in a short period of time.

    Thank you for everything.

  106. Alan is a very patient and understanding guitar teacher. He never fails to explain the proper technique , posture, etc...even if I don't get it in the first or subsequent tries. In addition, he was able to change lesson timings due to my schedule or other commitments. He is also very dedicated and professional with self prepared guitar lesson notes, song sheets and writing notes on the areas that I need to improve on.

    Lastly, although it was my last lesson, he still taught me some new techniques. I appreciate and am thankful for all that he taught. Beginners are highly recommended to learn from him as he provides a good foundation for playing the guitar.

  107. Alan is, simply a funny person. like, my classes are never boring, because he cracks jokes and does (weird) things. he will try to understand you and will offer words of encouragement (thank you so much for those). and like many people up there^^ said, he is very patient. he won't try to rush you along like a machine gun.
    there were also like fifty thousand (not really, I'm exaggerating) times, especially during the holidays, that i had a reallyy hectic schedule and would have to change class times every week, Alan didnt complain or scold me but he tried to accommodate me :).
    alan is a really good teacher and im happy that my aunt told my mum about him ( so thanks auntie PJ lol) and i hope others have as much fun as me. :P

  108. Found the lessons through random searching on the web for guitar lessons and found a post on forums. Did not know what to expect as I have never attended any music instrument classes before nor do I have any music background. Went for the trial lesson to get a sense of what I would be learning before deciding to start the real lessons sometime after

    The lessons are taught in such a way that you would learn something new every lesson, whether it be the basics of guitar playing or a new song. For a non-music person like me, I found the pace of each lesson to be manageable and reasonable. I am also able to pick the basic skills systematically so that I am able to apply what I learnt previously

    Also very helpful that Alan is able to spot problems I have while playing the guitar during lessons and advise on how to correct it. He is also friendly and approachable to help clarify any questions or doubts one would have

    So far do not regrets taking the lessons and would seriously consider doing the next level pending my own time constraints

    I advise anyone who would want to start lessons with Guitarworks to consider:

    1) Attend the trial lesson: Its free and introduces you to what you will be learning. You will also get to meet Alan who will be teaching the lessons
    2) Set aside some time to practise in between lessons: Much like learning any thing new this would help you to learn better

    Toh Chun Zheng

  109. Alan is an excellent guitar coach. Very patient and helpful. Lessons are well designed and easy to follow. Highly recommended to anyone who wish to learn how to play the guitar!

  110. Alan is a very patient instructor. It is extremely important for someone like me who has no.background in music.or instruments. He has no hesitation in explaining and even repeating those queries I came across during the lesson. He never fails to encourage and I also appreciate his flexible schedule which fits my frequent travelling time line. Cheers to Guitarworks !

  111. Alan is an excellent teacher. He is very patient, willing to guide you till you grasp a certain concept or play a certain song. Also, his lessons are tailored to each and every individual's learning pace, so you would not feel that you are lagging behind. You can request for certain songs to be learnt, making the lesson highly customisable to an individual. His lessons are different from those in other music schools in the sense that he does not only teach you how to play the guitar. He also teaches a bit of music theory to help you understand what you actually are playing on a guitar as well as more practical stuff like the changing of guitar strings. These two things are also very important for any guitarist. Overall, I highly recommend Alan as a guitar teacher as he tremendously helped me improve and I am sure you would definitely learn to play the guitar after a few of his lessons.

  112. Alan is a very patient and encouraging teacher. After 10 lessons I only learnt 1 rhythm and managed to play only 1 song. But even for that single song, I couldn't play the guitar and sing the lyrics simultaneously.Alan continued to customise the lessons and allowed me to learn at my pace. By my 15th lesson I could play 8 songs and sing along without getting distracted by the lyrics. Although Alan scores A as a teacher, he can't guarantee a student's success unless one has the Attitude [not altitude] - practise daily, practise repeatedly, practise till you master.

  113. Alan has been an extremely patient, encouraging and helpful instructor, whose passion and interest in the guitar, and using it to express his life is evident for all to see.

    One of the greatest plus points of having lessons with Alan is the flexibility and high level of customization he offers. For example, to ensure that the focus of the lessons are on guitar playing, he would go the extra mile to select songs that I would be familiar with so that I do not have to do an additional step of learning the song’s tune and lyrics.

    The syllabus and programme progression is also well thought-out, with clearly-delineated learning outcomes that build upon the previous lessons. There is a good balance between theory and practical lessons.

    I have enjoyed my lessons with Alan and have definitely learnt a lot from him, and would strongly recommend him to everyone reading this.

  114. Alan is a very smart teacher in a sense that he knows how to pass through his knowledge and skill to the students. Prior to enrolling in the class, I have learned guitar by myself for almost a year but very slow improvment. While over the 10 classes learning course, I have learned a lots which gives me a good foundation to continue to improve.
    Thank you Alan. I will come back to you for the intermediate class and advanced class.

  115. Alan is a teacher who cares about his student’s well being and progress in learning the basics of guitar. The lessons are also flexible in a sense that its not a rigid scheduled pace. There were times where I was late, and times when I didn’t have time to practice. But instead of going through with the scheduled lesson plans, he slowed down the lesson and allowed me to follow through with ease. At times where I was progressing fast, he sped up the lessons at a comfortable pace. I like how the lessons were carried out at comfortably, not stressful or too fast to follow.

    To me, Alan is a friendly and caring teacher in all. Easy to get along, understanding and most importantly, fun! This makes lessons less like your average “classroom-teacher” style kind of thing. All in all Alan is a dedicated teacher and I strongly recommend him if you’re intending to take guitar lessons!

  116. Patient. Experienced. Knows his stuff. Flexible. Alan is a patient teacher. Initially, it was hard for me bcos I had no music background. As a result, I often lose patience. Fortunately, he was more patient than me, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this now. He not only gave me encouragement which led me to strive on, but also offered constructive advice on how to push past what I was struggling with. His advice were invaluable bcos he's experienced and knows his stuff. Schedule wise, there were times when I couldn't make it ,or were late for lessons bcos of my work, but Alan was understanding, flexible, and willing to accommodate. Overall, my guitar learning journey has been an enjoyable experience for me so far, which in my opinion, is largely in part due to his care and guidance.

  117. Prior to joining Guitarworks, I was attending guitar lessons. However, it did not give me the flexibility to achieve what i had planned for my goals. With good faith, I had a chance to meet up with Alan, the owner of Guitarworks. I read his work and music and I was impressed with his knowledge.

    Without any prior knowledge in playing the acoustic guitar, was very instrumental in teaching me the fundamental of strumming the guitar. There were occasions that almost give up but he constantly sms me to always practice. Because of my busy schedule, Alan, never failed to encourage me to constantly practice. Every lesson with Alan was always something new which i learned. It has been a fruitful learning experience for eight month and looking forward to each lesson.

    I would like to thank Alan for unwavering encouragement and accommodating to my schedule changes.

  118. I started taking lessons under Alan with no prior knowledge and background with guitar, but as the patient and encouraging teacher he is known to be, Alan took a systematic yet personalised approach to instil the fundamentals of playing a guitar into me. His lessons were paced out comfortably according to my learning abilities and he would ensure that I am competent with what he has taught before moving on to something new.

    I strongly recommend anyone who's interested to pick up or further their knowledge on the instrument to have a chat with Alan and arrange for a trial session with him.

  119. Alan老師,
    讓我在這段學習過程中,讓這個對吉他一竅不通的我,在這說短也不短,說長也不不長的這 10 堂課裏,學習到的也許只是些基本知識和認識吉他。但我還是會把這些基本練好再面對更高的挑戰!

  120. I found Alan's contact number through his advertisement online. The different forums had at least mentioned him once, that he is good. Having little knowledge on the basics of playing a guitar, he very patiently guided me and my friend. He has been very professional. He is very systematic about his approach to teaching; by first teaching about theory and how to apply that to actual playing. Whatever that has been taught in his lessons is definitely applicable to both Christian and Contemporary songs. I can see his passion for teaching and his love for music. It is truly incredible to see someone like him to not get irritated or show a black face when a really slow learner like me forgets the strumming pattern or even a chord. All he says is, " I know you know it! Try again! Practice makes perfect." This occurs not only once or twice but at every lesson. He also makes effort to ensure that I practice at least twice a week to brush up my skills. Alan, indeed is a very good teacher and friend. He also knows a lot about guitars and always recommends me guitars to purchase. He also introduced me to a very much well-known guitar luthier when my guitar needed set-up. You should really go for at least one trial lesson to see for yourself!
    God Bless!! ((:

  121. I got to know Alan through my friend and we both signed up for his lessons. Looking back, i was glad i did so as under his patient care and guidance, my friend and I were both able to learn the basics quite quickly! Lessons were systematic as were the handouts he gave out. Despite me often not having time to practice, he never scolded but instead encouraged me to find more time to practice. His passion for music and his love for guitars shines through the way he conducts his every lesson!
    In fact, my friend and I might be considering to continue on with his lessons once we have more time. Cheers!

  122. Alan, I was tearing when I read ur testimony. Not that I'm sad for u but I feel God n His goodness, how real He can be in our lives. Your humble testimony is a revelation of strength, hope, peace, restoration n promises we are all offered if we put our faith n trust in Him, our maker. He knows us, He loves us n He will take us through the darkest times of our lives. By His grace, you have excelled, an "instrument" of the Lord.

    Indeed, it was the leading of His guidance when I spotted Guitarworks on the website. W no hesitation I called you, asked to be assessed and if you would take me onboard.

    At age 55, either I can play the guitar or I shall have to give it a pass in this lifetime.
    With the basic chords I acquired in the years before, still I could never strum in time correctly to a song.
    Within 8 lessons, you honed my skills, encouraged me n taught me how to "fine tune", strum, pluck, all in time to a song. Songs of Praise n songs of Worship, I now offer up to you, O Lord ! Thank you Father. Thank you, Alan.
    With this I commend my Instructor, all who chanced to read this, Alan is an Instructor, God ordained!

  123. At first I was like, "Ooo this guitar tutor stays in the same block, let's take up guitar lesson!! I'll only have take the lift!!", but after a few lessons I've never regretted this act of laziness coz the lessons turn out to be so much more!! Firstly, the lessons are very structured making it very easy to understand and follow. Alan is also very flexible too which allow me to go at my own learning pace - faster or slower. All the songs - old or new - are so well chosen that I enjoy playing them all!! Secondly, Alan is a very friendly teacher. He knows well about guitar and music and is very passionate about what he does. He can even fix your guitar!! Thirdly, his house has excellent view and this is definitely a bonus!! What can be better than strumming away on your guitar to a scenery of blue skies and green canopies!! Ok I'm exaggerating but I bet the atmosphere does provide a relaxing time.........

  124. Under Alan's patient tutelage, I now understand how music theory and practical playing fit together. He is a positive teacher who gently encourages. I am happy when I go to class. He has taught me to strum with confidence and dynamics. I feel a wonderful improvement in all my playing. Thank you so much, Alan!

  125. "I took beginner lessons with Alan for ten lessons. Lessons were enjoyable and effective. Alan is a good teacher with much patience and knows how to help us improve on fundamental skills. I learned how to strum in different patterns and change chords smoothly. Beginners will find these lessons useful and helpful to spark their guitar interest."

  126. I started learning guitar from Alan about 3 months ago in the elementary level. I then wanted to find a teacher who uses a more direct and practical approach for me to pick up necessary basic skill set to play songs in a short time. Initially unsure, but after the trial lesson, I decided to try learning using his method.

    Alan’s syllabus and method emphasize simplicity, direct, and it is concise and practical. Focus on essential key points; it is important for working people like me who can only have limited time. The learning approach is easy and yet progressive, simple and yet productive in mastering the skill set needed. In addition, he is willing to do recording on the spot so that students could listen and practice it correctly at home.

    Alan is a patient teacher. In every lesson, he will ask and listen to the challenges student encounters in an open minded way and offer his professional advice and suggestions to overcome them and improve more. He is also a very understanding person who is flexible to adjust the pace of learning to the need of students. This is particularly important for working people.

    Another strength he has is the ability to teach guitar on both English and Chinese songs.
    I am very happy in my learning journey and I am now continuing towards the intermediate syllabus.

  127. It has been around 2.5 months since I started learning guitar with Alan in May.
    I came across his website while searching the net for a guitar tutor. Turns out, Alan lives near my school and he gives a free trial lesson. I thought, why not? And so, I told my mum: " MUM! This teacher got trial lesson and near TP lehh!" And here I am today writing this review after 9 lessons.

    To my dismay, I was able to play my FIRST song just after two lessons of learning the basic chords and strumming pattern. I can never forget how to play this first song '情非得已'. Alan is a great passionate and patient teacher. His lessons are enjoyable and there are endless things to learn from him. His demonstration of songs before he run through a step-by-step guide never fails to amaze me. Music just does wonders I guess.

    I hope his intermediate lessons will further broaden & step up my guitar skills. Alright! I think I have written enough and Alan should be pleased with this length of review haha..Just kidding. ^-^

    Alan is recommended!!!!! 100%

  128. While I was searching for a guitar lessons online, i came accross guitar works webpage. I want to learn so that i can use it in my life group or better in chuch. After reading the info in the webpage I know this is the one.

    My first lesson with Alan was great. I immediately know he is able to see my needs and cater to it.

    Alan is really patient and encouraging in teaching me. He understand that as a beginner I will feel nervous and stressful, he just manage to assure me that I can do it by practising everyday at home. All the materials provided are good and he is really good to make my learning easier.

    Am really glad to have Alan teaching me guitar. Few more lessons!! Let s 加油 together!!

  129. I'm delighted to have found guitarworks to learn my first musical instrument. With zero knowledge about music, Alan done a good job in helping me to pickup the key points in music theory in a simple and efficient manner. This translate to less memory effort (boring) and more time on playing the guitar (fun stuff).

    Alan never fails to provide tips on correcting any bad habits I developed when playing the guitar also he has helped me overcome my weakness with effective practice tips. His warm encouragement on my progress in every lesson has cultivate my interest to continue with my guitar practice at home. In all, I'm able to achieve my goals to play and sing in a short period of time. I would definitely recommend my friends who are interested in learning guitar to guitarworks.

    Happy Guitar Learner,

  130. I've been wanting to be able to play the guitar, through Alan's patient coaching, in just 2 lessons I'm able to play some songs like 'Give Thanks' by myself. I was delightfully surprised & so were my friends. I'll strongly recommend this guitar class to anyone who wants to learn playing the guitar.

  131. Having no music background and just wanted to pick up guitar as an interest, my friend and I chanced upon Guitarworks and decided to enquire with it.

    We went ahead with the lessons as soon as there are available slots. Have been learning from Alan for a few months now!

    Alan would patiently guide us and correct our mistakes but still not giving us stress. Lessons have been fun and enjoyable! Happy that i am able to play a few songs and looking forward to learn more with our upcoming intermediate lessons.

    Thanks, Alan for being such a great teacher! Highly recommended to students who want to pick up guitar playing!

  132. "Good teachers guide us to develop our potentials and embrace our strengths"

    I must say Alan has not only been good but the best teacher one can ever ask for. Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning,appreciation for growing and room for making mistakes along the way.Thank you for being genuine!May you inspire many others to achieve the greatness you have:)


  133. All in all, Alan has been a very good teacher who has taught me with great patience even though I started with zero musical knowledge. In the span of 3-4 months, I have been able to play some songs and I am looking forward to learning more songs.
    Thank you for being a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn guitar.

  134. The concept of the lesson have been well thought through. Being a very patient teacher, Alan will not hesitate to solve my learning barriers. This creates a more conducive atmosphere to learn. I am looking forward to have more class in the future. Thx Alan and sorry for the late post! :P LeOn Foo

  135. I would like to thank Alan for all the wonderful lessons that he has provided for me and my son. As a mother, I never really had much bonding sessions with my son and awhile back when I found out about our common interest in the guitar, I decided to find a suitable guitar tutor for both of us. After searching, I am grateful for coming across Guitar Works, with Alan being the patient and fun teacher that he is, he has provided me and my son valuable sessions together learning how to play the guitar and growing as individuals, thanks Alan!

  136. Alan is a very friendly, patient and inspiring teacher. Since young i had always wanted to pick up the guitar but it seemed very daunting to start learning as there were so many things to keep in mind, but with his progressive teachings and cheerful personality, he has helped me to achieve much more than i thought i could possibly learn about the guitar like strumming, bars, chords and much more. So for anyone who wants to pick up the guitar I highly recommend this tutoring service.

  137. Thanks Alan for the wonderful lessons, he is very patient. The way he teach will make you feel easy to start. Along the learning journey, I am very happy to learn from him. And in the end, I requested a Japanese Song, even though Alan didn't really know that song, he still helped me to work it out and taught me to play. Thanks Alan!

  138. Alan is a very patient guy. Despite my age, he tried all ways and means to make learning guitar a joy. His lessons are flexible and he will try to accommodate to songs requests that we like.
    Thanks Alan. Continue your good work!

  139. I've worked with a couple of different guitar instructors but I learned most from Alan. What's great about Alan is he is infinitely patient, focused and ready to do what it takes to help a student become a better guitar player. Thanks Alan, jia you!